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Shrink-Wrap Recycling Program

Shrink-wrap is commonly used for protecting recreational boats stored outside during the winter season from snow, ice, water, and debris. The plastic encloses the boat by shrinking when heated, providing a protective covering strong enough to hold the weight of snow and ice. In the spring, hundreds of thousands of pounds of shrink-wrap are removed from boats in Ohio. Historically, much of this material ended up in landfills.

In the spring of 2006, the Ohio Clean Marinas Program, together with Mondo Polymer Technologies, Inc. of Reno, Ohio, began a shrink-wrap recycling program. This program offers marina owners and boaters a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to disposing of shrink-wrap.

The boat shrink-wrap recycling program provides a free shrink-wrap collection service to Lake Erie marinas. Collection occurs approximately once every two weeks from mid-April through June.

To schedule a shrink-wrap pick up

Contact Sarah Orlando, at 419.609.4120 or


  • In 2011, the Ohio Shrink-Wrap Recycling Program kept 155,000 lbs. of boat shrink wrap out of landfills
  • More than 150,000 lbs. of shrink wrap collected in the spring of 2011 from over 100 marinas
  • Since 2006, more 1.7 million lbs of shrink wrap have been recycled in Ohio, producing more than 30,000 guardrail blocks that make more than 300 miles of Ohio’s roadways safer.

Contact info

Mondo Polymer Technologies, Inc.
Ronald E. Wesel
t: 740.376.9396

Ohio Clean Marinas Program
Sarah Orlando
t: 419.609.4120