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Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: odnr cuts will be extreme
« on: 01/13/09, 18:01 »
I give up!!!!!!!    :)

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: odnr cuts will be extreme
« on: 12/19/08, 11:00 »
Kingfish you really need some facts if you're going to jump odnr. I criticize some of the things odnr does, but the odnr does NOT decide what happens to a game violator -- a JUDGE does. When odnr arrested a bunch of commercials in a sting operation a few years ago the violators received very stiff restitution costs and fines (not enough but the judge, not odnr, decided this) and they got a bunch of new regulations put on them. They were also put on notice that serious violations in the future would result in them losing their licenses. You are wrong again about the reef fishing. There were a bunch of wardens working the area in April and they made a bunch of arrests -- 13 in one day at Wild Wings. Have you tuned in the poachers you see? Odnr only has so many wardens so they can only catch a small number of violators. They need our help. If the only reason you fish is to fill your freezer you need to consider fishing at Krogers. :-)

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: odnr cuts will be extreme
« on: 11/18/08, 17:08 »
It costs more to take your wife to the movies for a night that it does to by your fishing license for a YEAR! It is bargain. If you want a reason for fewer fishermen try looking at the economy -- gas doubled from summer 2007 to summer 2008 and millions of people lost their jobs! I run charters and I've never had a customer say they were canceling their charter or not booking one because license cost too much, they all mentioned gas prices or said they lost or were afraid of losing their JOB. Increasing limits would be a terrible idea, limits are set to insure the future of the species not to sell licenses. I don't like the Ontario commercial fleet but they sure aren't to blame for lower license numbers LOL

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Shallow nets in WB
« on: 10/09/08, 09:18 »
This was a boat with 3 guys on  board and they handled the netting and sorting in about 45 minutes. Just some small fish were tossed back.

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Shallow nets in WB
« on: 10/07/08, 16:51 »
Saw them pull them today. Looked like some really big carp, big sheephead, maybe white bass or big white perch. Hope that was all :-)

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Shallow nets in WB
« on: 10/06/08, 06:31 »
OK, just wondering, inside net is in 6 or 7 feet of water. I've seen seen them in here often but never this close. Just thought maybe I should be fishing there LOL Thanks Bob

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Shallow nets in WB
« on: 10/03/08, 18:56 »
Fred, any idea what netters would be after in very shallow water in the WB at this time of year? They are in  7 - 10 feet or less.

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Great Lakes Compact
« on: 10/02/08, 14:42 »
I guess I did shoot at you Leonard, sorry, but I was shooting at random at those who always put quick cash first. I think you're totally wrong, Ohio not selling its biggest asset is not shortsighted, it is actually extremely far sighted. We have an asset that will pay off time and time again for generations if we don't squander it by selling it. I'm more concerned right now with our stupidity in allowing it and the other great lakes to become more and more polluted .

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Great Lakes Compact
« on: 09/16/08, 19:02 »
Let's sell it; we've screwed up just about everything else in this country why not screw up the largest fresh water source in the world. Probably should sell our kids also since our greed won't leave anything for them anyway!

Lake Erie Hot Topics / 2008 Hatch sucks ????
« on: 09/12/08, 10:38 »
This is troubling:

2003 is super hatch and now they can't produce a hatch???????

What bothers me Fred is that we are catching all kinds of small eyes this year (2007 fish) and everyone remembers catching that many and more in 2004, but no one can remember doing that in 2000 or 2002 and those were suppose to be much bigger hatches. I know memories (especially mine) are questionable, but some guys claim their journals show a lot more little guys this year?

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: what year class walleye
« on: 07/23/08, 16:03 »
I think they would be 2005? 2003s were legal in 3rd year.

Don't like white perch' like white bass that are treated right (bleed and kept cold) and filleted with the red meat removed. But I don't eat many, to lazy when walleye are available and easier to clean (need fewer).

Guess I'll start eatin them white perch just for vengence LOL

2007 must have been decent, getting dozen or so every time I troll.

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