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Fred, I always smile when I read those advisories. I had catfish Sat. at a restaurant and they didn't tell me where the catfish came from or if there was any advisory about eating it LOL And, I can't remember seeing any advisories in the grocery store's fish case. So what happens to all the Lake Erie fish that are "harvested commercially" for consumption? Do the people who buy them get an advisory? I remember when carp where taken and sold out of Erie (they may still be) and you are only suppose to eat one of those every  century or so LOL   Oh, in case you wondered, the catfish was excellent !!!!!

Ray, you can understand the Corps better if you think about all their other great projects - the dikes at New Orleans; their blunders which about destroyed the Everglades; all the pretty little rip-rap and concrete-lined streams they have created; and the list could go on forever. They have proven that they are so arrogant that they will do as they please and apparently there is no oversight? Anyone who thinks that dumping pollution in Lake Erie is a great way to protect Ohio's greatest asset just has to love the bureaucrats at the Corp.

Fred, how many walleyes did Ohio harvest last year?


Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: 01/01/08, 15:31 »
Happy New Year to all the SeaGrant gang from a new retiree :-)

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Bullhead hatch
« on: 11/16/07, 09:28 »
Geeeeez, thinks have been so quiet here I thought a bullhead thread might get the juices flowing. Guess I should have asked about the crappie and bluegill numbers LOL Guess everyone is fishing or wishin they were fishin?

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Bullhead hatch
« on: 11/09/07, 14:01 »
Hey Fred, any idea how the 2007 bullhead hatch was? Will it affect the 2008 commercial quota.


It was just a slight bluish mouth, but my information was from the locals -- nothing scientific, They tasted very good, nothing like a penny, so you are probably 100% right. LOL Any idea what might cause the blue tinge?

I caught walleye in Canada that had a bluish tint inside the mouth. I was told (by the locals) it was due to high cooper content in the lake water?

Wow that's great, only 6 dead walleyes. i'm sure you were happy about what you found and not complaining about the tournament killing  few fish since thousands of Ohio and Michigan sports fishermen kill hundereds of thousands of eyes each year and the Canadian commercial guys take more than 2 million per year? I'm not a tournament fisherman but I am absolutely sure the tournaments on Erie are not hurting the walleye population. Those guys and gals are good, but they're not that goooooood LOL


Sounder familiar! Ain't it great  ;D


Fred, what do you think  ;D

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Border Question
« on: 08/02/07, 10:49 »
Border regulations are extremely complicated and enforced differently by different agents --BUT we are suppose to always be in compliance LOL I am, I gave up and stay home....

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