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Lake Erie Hot Topics / 2013 Hatch
« Last post by Fishman on 07/24/13, 14:04 »
Any news on the 2013 Yellow perch and Walleye hatch. It is nearly the end of July, the trawls should have started.
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Asian Carp and the Recent Flooding
« Last post by Wakina on 07/24/13, 09:32 »
I do not think this is a place for political views to be aired and this post is not meant to stir the political pot! But news is news and this sounds really important to me and should be to all of us who love our Great Lakes no matter which Great Lake we use or which political party we affiliate with. So with that being said I most humbly ask for your tolerance in this matter. Here is a link that should make all of us concerned. It is from the Associated Press and time date stamped 8:22 a.m. EDT, July 24, 2013.,0,913415.story

I am having a bad day please forgive!  I posted the wrong link the first time so here is the correct link!
Flooding of the Chicago waterway (CAWS) to the point that floodgates need to be open to release pressure isn't uncommon in spring.  Fortunately, the bulk of the breeding populations of silver and bighead carps occurs a fair bit downstream of Chicago proper.  I'm sure I've posted these links before, but you can find frequent carp-related updates and news at and
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Asian Carp and the Recent Flooding
« Last post by David Libby on 06/11/13, 11:50 »
Latest sampling report

May 2013 Summary

Bottom Line: Monitoring occurred in the CAWS and upper Illinois Waterway upstream and downstream of the Dispersal Barrier. NO BIGHEAD OR SILVER CARP were reported captured or observed upstream of the Barrier, nor were any found in new locations downstream of the Barrier.
I suspect so as well, Rodbender.  That's the trouble with common names!
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Striped bass - just a thought.
« Last post by Rodbender on 05/20/13, 18:33 »
I think Bill's silver bass were just good size white bass.  I've heard white bass referred to many times as silver bass.
This came across my e-mail and I thought I'd share it here.  Please pass along to others who could also use it.  This video talks about zebra mussels, but the clean/drain/dry procedures are effective for many potential invaders.  One of those near to us is Hydrilla, which is gaining a substantial foothold in the Ohio River.  Please do your part to prevent the spread!

Silent Invaders- Boat Washing Video
Haha! Yes that would be interesting! Unfortunately it does not seem like that is a possiblity anytime soon. See:

I received some follow up information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada about striped bass stocking. Please see below:

Neither Canada nor Ontario have ever stocked Striped Bass in the Great Lakes. Note that we have collected several wipers (Morone hybrids) in Canadian waters of the Great Lakes that undoubtedly are the result of release somewhere in the Great Lakes – such release is illegal in Canada.

Hope this helps. Have a great weekend all,

Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Striped bass - just a thought.
« Last post by creekcrawler on 05/10/13, 09:44 »
Hmmm.  How about we stop stocking all those silly steelhead we like to catch and replace
them with 400,000 sturgeon!

Now, that would make it interesting.

Thank you very much for the information. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed some great fishing for this species!

An invasive species is any non-native species introduced, whether intentionally or unintentionally, into a new environment.  The choice of species, stocking size, and location of stocking is based on the Division of Wildlife’s priorities for their fishing programs.

As Dave mentioned in a previous post, the challenge with stocking another top predator is that the species may interfere with our existing predator species, such as walleye. With the walleye fishery being such a valuable stock to maintain (both ecologically and economically) for the state of Ohio, options must be carefully weighed on which species to introduce or enhance alongside the species that are already in Lake Erie.

The ODNR – Division of Wildlife’s stocking website and updates can be found at:

Also, I found two interesting articles (from 1999) about stocking striped bass along the Atlantic coast. They provides additional history about the fishery and some of the challenges with stocking. You can find them at:
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