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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has prepared a Draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed placement of Cleveland Harbor Upper Cuyahoga River Channel dredged material at two open-lake placement areas.

The document can be found at:

The document will be available for review and comment through March 26, 2014.
Comments may be submitted to:
Buffalo District, Environmental Analysis Team
Telephone: 800-833-6390 (option #3)
Fax: 716-879-4225

There will also be a USACE webinar on March 4, 2014 about this project. For more information about the webinar, email:

The US Coast Guard is not doing the ice breaking, but they are advising folks that the commercial activity is taking place and may make the ice dangerous.  From the news release:

"The tug Ohio will depart Cleveland Monday at about 1 a.m. and head toward South Bass Island, transiting between Kelleys Island and Middle Island.  The Ohio will later depart from Put-in-Bay in South Bass Island and head toward Catawba Island at about 10 a.m. with a barge in tow. The vessel will transit around the eastern portion of South Bass Island toward the Miller's Ferry Dock on Catawba Island following the Miller Boat Ferry Route. The vessels plan to remain in Catawba Island for 2 hours loading construction supplies. After loading, the vessels are expected to depart Catawba Island at about 1 p.m. In case of a delay loading at Catawba Island, the Ohio may depart Wednesday morning."

See the full release from the Coast Guard:
FYI- This was an open house style meeting for folks to ask the experts about the environmental impact statement.  You can read the statement yourself at It's a bear: 255 pages. 
They also provided an opportunity for public comment, but those aren't due until March 26. 
From the Press Release:
"Comments on the DEIS can be emailed directly to, or by hard copy or fax to Brian Elkington, 5600 American Blvd. W., Bloomington, MN 55437 (612/713-5168, voice; 612/713-5292, fax). All comments must be received by March 26, 2014."
Very cool creekcrawler!  Thanks for sharing. 

Too bad about the DNA.  :D
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Blue Pike Wrappers
« Last post by creekcrawler on 02/20/14, 12:40 »
Sorry, didn't look like there was any DNA on them . .....   ::)
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Blue Pike Wrappers
« Last post by creekcrawler on 02/20/14, 12:38 »
About a year ago I scored one wrapper from Blue  Pike and posted it up here in case anyone  wanted to print it.
Well, got another one!

Here are both in hi def scans. Enjoy!

Direct link -


For you folks interested in the Ballville Dam issue, there will be a public meeting on Wednesday, February 19th, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Terra State Community College.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide information on the US Fish and Wildlife Service enviromental impact statement related to the project. 
More details in the article:
Hi creekcrawler,

Thanks for posting.  There's a good article to go along with that video:  check it out here.

Obviously, it's not good news.  Unfortunately it's also not very surprising.  From a fisheries biologist standpoint, the possibility of fish tightly schooling to reduce the effects of voltage is fascinating. But I'd rather not learn that in the actual barrier with so much at stake. 

The article touches on this, but I think it's important to note that Asian carps haven't been found spawning close to the barrier.  25 miles downstream of the barrier is the closest they've found spawning adults.  That means it's unlikely that these schools of small fish are juvenile Asian carps. So this isn't "game over". 

Hopefully this will continue to make the rounds and kick some decision makers into gear. From my view it seems hydrologic separation of the two basins is gaining supporters. If it's going to happen, it needs to happen soon. 

To answer a few questions I've received:

Yes, this conference is open to the public as well.  Topics are geared towards charter captains, but many would be of interest to private anglers as well.  Check out the press release.


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