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Certain writers: They sure know how to push the panic button when it comes to making a dollar. This article has said nothing more than we already know thru previous news releases, but has said it in a way that sounds like the sky is falling.

Hey Wakina,

My apologies that I'm responding three months after your post.  Maybe I just looked at it too cursosrily-ly (this certainly is not a word). Forgive me for being late, but I have to laugh at the photo in the article you attached.  We're concerned with Asian carp -- bigheads, silvers, blacks - and to some degree grass carp.  So what do they show us?  A mug shot of the common carp - Cyprinus carpio - which was stocked nationwide by the U.S. government back in the late 1870s.  And it's everywhere and at this point virtually regarded as "native." (Ouch).  Sometimes you feel like the media could try just a bit harder.
Thanks for the heads up creekcrawler! 

I'm guessing this is the one:  Netting a Threat to the Great Lakes

Ohio Sea Grant's own Dr. Chris Winslow was a guest on this particular show.   
I was just listening to N.P.R. this morning. They had a one hour discussion on Asian Carp.
I'm sure it can be caught online too.
Lake Erie Travel Information / Re: north bass island
« Last post by Re: north bass island on 01/07/14, 14:10 »
I had the chance to visit this “museum” it’s a very nice place there, the people were awesome and the food was very tasty
New Public Notice from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding dredging Sandusky Harbor.  Deadline for public comment is January 6, 2014.

Public Notice from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding dredging Cleveland Harbor.  Deadline for public comment is January 2, 2014.

FYI- Public Notice from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding dredging Toledo Harbor.  Deadline for public comment is December 15, 2013. 

Thanks esoxal. That open dialog is exactly what we're shooting for, so thanks for the feedback. 

As you know, we're equally concerned with the phosphorus and loading issues, and there are a lot of good scientists working on it from multiple agencies and universities.  It certainly seems to be a simple issue, but the fixes are complex.  It's definitely a priority and we're working on it!
Lake Erie Hot Topics / Re: Ohio's new Harmful Algal Bloom Response Strategy
« Last post by esoxal on 11/07/13, 11:02 »
I truly enjoy the open dialog this site provides.  No political dogma espoused :thumbsup:  I concur that our environment appears--with certain objective metrics--to be changing from what we believe is typical.

I am personally more concerned with addressing the increased phosporous/solids loading issues.  The bad news is that these are man-made issues; the good news is that they are completely within our ability to control.

Keep up the great work in the field, in the lab, and on this forum!
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