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Ohio Sea Grant College Program
and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant Education

Ohio Sea Grant is well known for the development of outstanding curriculum materials for grades 4-12, for the training of science teachers, and for research contributions to the education profession.

At Stone Laboratory, Ohio Sea Grant has developed courses specifically for teachers and high school students. Our efforts in these areas must continue and expand as Ohio K-12 students strive to improve performance on science proficiency tests.

Virtual Workshops Online Courses for Teachers Teacher Fellowships
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Direct to your school from F.T. Stone Laboratory on Lake Erie. Excite your science class with an experience in aquatic ecology without leaving the classroom! Meet required grade level Benchmarks and Indicators with activities using local organisms and issues to teach global concepts in life science. [ Learn More ] Designed to educate teachers about exotic and invasive species and to provide activities and methods for integrating exotic species education into education settings. The course is offered online with no required class meetings. Most activities require interaction with students.
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The Ohio Sea Grant Education Program supported three teachers as Stone Lab Fellows in 2005 and will support up to eight in 2006! Find out more about this opportunity.
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The aquatic sciences are very interesting to students and the public. While our workshop program at Stone Laboratory has grown by 500% in the last 15 years, we are still reaching a very small portion of Ohio students. Therefore, in the next five years, we must take advantage of new opportunities in communication technology to take the aquatic sciences and our Sea Grant educational materials to the students and the public in their schools and homes. To this end, with the help of a USEPA grant, we are now equipped with the technology to conduct distance learning sessions and have broadcast some lessons to several high school classes.