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Here's how you apply to Stone Laboratory

How To Apply

Use this page to learn how to apply for Summer Courses at Stone Laboratory.

You will need an Ohio Sea Grant account to begin your application. Create an account in the Account Manager. If you’ve previously created an account, you can use the same credentials to log in.

If you applied previously, you should use the same email and password to login. If you don’t remember your password, click here.

A few things to consider

  • If you are creating a new account, you will be required to activate your account by verifying your email address before beginning.
  • Ensure that is in your safe senders list.
  • For Ohio State students, your buckeyemail address is preferred.
  • Modern Browsers Required! Determine if yours is one by clicking here.

Determining your Application Type

The descriptions below outline which application type you should complete.

Current Ohio State Student
You are enrolled as an active student at The Ohio State University for spring semester.
Other College Student or Educator*
You are currently an undergraduate or graduate student at a college that is not Ohio State. Also includes former Ohio State undergraduate students.

*If you were formerly enrolled as a graduate student at Ohio State, contact Arleen Pineda at 614-292-8949.
High School Student
You are a current high school sophomore, junior or senior wanting to take Stone Lab classes for college credit.
Note: Stone Lab courses are not eligible for College Credit Plus.

Students will need letter of recommendation from their high school biology or science teacher attesting to the student’s academic abilities in biology or science and evaluating his or her maturity level.

Non-Credit Workshop Participant
You would like to participate in a non-credit workshop at Stone Lab or you wish to take a Stone Lab course as a non-credit workshop. You must be at least 18 years of age, have completed high school and meet the workshop requirements.

Uploading Required Documents

To complete the PDF forms, please save them to your computer first, then fill out the form and save it. If no signature is required, you can upload the form directly to your online application. For forms that include signatures, you must print the completed form, sign it (blue ink preferred), and upload a scan of the signed document. Electronic signatures are not accepted.

Note: If you are applying for an REU, scholarship or job, make sure you check that you have uploaded the necessary materials.

IMPORTANT: Recommendation letters should come directly from the author’s business email, be on organization letterhead and emailed as a PDF attachment to

Submitting Your Application

Once all required materials are entered into the system, you’ll be able to submit your application. Sections in red must be completed. If you cannot submit, review each step to see what required sections you may not have completed.


Application Submission Deadlines

Current Ohio State Student July 30, 2017
Other College Student or Educator May 23, 2017
High School Student May 23, 2017
Early Action: March 14, 2017
Non-Credit Workshop Participant 4 weeks before workshop date

Scholarships and REU

REU Deadline February 6, 2017
Ohio State Student and Other College Student or Educator Scholarships March 2, 2017
High School Student Scholarships March 14, 2017

Employment Deadlines

Student Employment March 2, 2017