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Faculty: Your Classes

Information about Classes for Faculty

Faculty: Your Classes

Note: Please pay special attention to sections highlighted in blue, as these have been updated for 2018.


Student absences from classes and field trips are not permitted unless you approve them. You should instruct the student to report their illness to the lab manager or assistant lab manager once you’ve excused them.

Class Schedule and Enrollment

A class roster of students enrolled in your course is provided at check-in. The “normal” class schedule is 8-11:30 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. As professor, you have discretion to alter your schedule as appropriate, e.g., an evening session, a night collecting trip, a morning or afternoon off for individual projects or to make up for an evening, etc. Please communicate any discrepancies or changes in student enrollment status immediately to the office associate.

Field Trips

Field trips are arranged through submission of Faculty Forms prior to the summer. Instructors must request changes at least 48 hours in advance for boats and vans, subject to availability. Sack lunch requests MUST be made two days in advance. Please fill in all information requested and provide an accurate number of people participating in the trip.

If using vans, you must complete a driver registration form in advance of the trip.

Please sign up for Put-in-Bay field trips, even if you are using rowboats, and notify staff of any changes. It is important to know the number of passengers in order to use the appropriate boat for transport. Please be prepared to depart on time to avoid causing delays for other classes or scheduled groups.

Last-minute changes to field trips may not be accommodated.

Field trips to Pelee Island or Point Pelee (Canada) are not permitted.

All trips to any state owned lands (parks or wildlife areas), including Green Island, require prior permission in writing. This should be done prior to arrival and is the responsibility of the faculty.

During storms, high winds or inclement weather, the boat captain makes the final decision regarding extent, duration and location of field trips. Due to safety reasons, no swimming is permitted from boats while they are at anchor or at the docks.

Each course is limited to two mainland field trips. You will receive information about ferry passes, vehicle keys, gas credit cards and a vehicle location map when you check in. Arrangements can be made to depart Gibraltar at 7:30 a.m. in order to make the 8 a.m. Miller Ferry to Catawba. All mainland field trips must return no later than the 4 p.m. ferry. If you are going to be late or miss a ferry, please call the Bayview office immediately at 419-285-1800.

Sack Lunch Requests: You must inform the university housing staff at least two days in advance of an all-day field trip to allow them adequate time to prepare lunches for your group. Sack Lunch Request Forms are provided at the beginning of the course and should be submitted to university housing staff in the Dining Hall. Most all-day field trips are planned so that students can eat breakfast and dinner at the laboratory.

Grading and Evaluation

Grading is left to your discretion. You are responsible for posting final grades on the university electronic system if you are an Ohio State University faculty member. Faculty from other universities should email grades to Arleen Pineda in the Columbus office, who will post grades to the system for you.

Evaluation forms of facilities and services will be provided to you at check-in. At the end of your course please distribute the forms to your students. Have the students complete the forms, collect them, and return them to the office associate along with the “Student Evaluation of Instruction” (SEI). These need to be completed by the last day of class.

Guest Lecture and Research Brief Series

Stone Laboratory offers a Guest Lecture Series on Thursday evenings from 7-9 p.m. Guest lectures, which begin at 8 p.m., are prefaced by a research brief given by a scientist working in the region or Stone Lab faculty from 7-7:30 p.m. Please encourage your students to support and attend these programs as part of the total learning experience.

Scientific Collector’s Permits

Stone Laboratory has obtained a general Scientific Collecting/Education permit for all approved courses, workshops and field trips from the Department of Natural Resources for the purposes of collecting and observing animals (with the exception of birds and mammals). Therefore, there is no need to apply for this document for activities pertaining to your course. Note, however, there are separate permits required if you plan to collect in a State Natural Area or Preserve, in a State Park or on State Property. Stone Lab does NOT obtain these permits and it is up to the professor to procure these documents prior to the start of your course.

Stone Laboratory also has a general Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee protocol (IACUC protocol) for the laboratory’s approved courses. The IACUC protocol ensures that Stone Lab and its faculty/staff/students meet federal regulations regarding only approved activities involving animal collection and observation and ensures that the university’s facilities are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

This IACUC does NOT cover any other specific research activities associated with vertebrate animals outside the aforementioned activities (i.e., collection and observation). Therefore, any faculty wishing to conduct any type of research activity outside these two previously approved activities must have an Ohio State-approved IACUC, and are encouraged to speak with Dr. Kristin Stanford for questions or assistance with this requirement.