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Information about housing at Stone Lab, The Ohio State University's island campus on Lake Erie

Student Housing

Harborview Dorm

Each student room in Harborview includes two sets of bunk beds and houses up to four occupants. Also included are individual wardrobe wall lockers (bring your own lock), dressers, writing tables and a bathroom. You will need to bring your own bed linens and pillow. Because space and electricity are limited, do not bring unnecessary items, e.g., TV sets, refrigerators, stereos, or other similar appliances. Halogen lamps are not permitted in any Stone Lab housing facility. Dorms are not air conditioned. You may bring small electric fans for use in the dormitory.

During much of the summer, high humidity is a problem. Please use the ventilating fan in the Harborview Dorm shower area; please leave this fan on for several hours after showering and leave the bathroom door open. Other facilities have only natural ventilation. A mop and bucket are available in each building’s common area or by request from our residence and dining staff.


Stone Lab staff cleans all public areas and restrooms. Everyone is responsible for keeping their room/cottage in reasonably clean condition and emptying wastebaskets into designated containers. Cleaning supplies are available. Students’ personal items should be picked up and stored in the lockers provided.


Linens are NOT provided in any of the housing facilities. Please bring sheets, pillowcases, blankets and/or comforters, towels, and shower shoes or bath mats. Click here to download a PDF of suggested items to bring.


We encourage you NOT to bring a car with you. If you bring a car, you will have to pay to transport it on the ferry. You will spend most of your time on Gibraltar Island, which is too small for cars. Put-in-Bay is very walkable, and if your class takes trips farther away, transportation will be provided. If you need to bring a car to South Bass Island for some reason, it will need to stay parked at the Bayview Office, where there is limited parking.

Tips to Help Reduce Insect Infestations

  • Store food and beverages in sealed containers or dispose of them properly.
  • Lights attract bugs, so turn off all lights before leaving a room.
  • Leave screens in windows and doors and close doors.

Vending & Laundry Machines

For your convenience, complimentary laundry facilities are located at Gibraltar Island in Harborview Dorm. Facilities are open 24 hours. You can purchase laundry detergent at the Stone Lab bookstore or bring your own.A soft drink machine is available on the Dining Hall porch.