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Information about the Library at Stone Lab, the Ohio State University's island campus on Lake Erie


The Library is located on the third floor of the Stone Lab building on Gibraltar Island. The collection includes materials to support courses and some additional titles related to Put-in-Bay and Stone Lab. University Libraries in Columbus provides digital access to e-books and e-journals through the library website,

You will need your OSU Name.Number to access digital content. On the toolbar at the top of the page, select “My Account” then “Off-Campus Sign-In.”

Reserve Materials

Closed reserve materials (list provided by the instructor) are placed in the classroom by the library staff and removed when the course is completed. These materials are available to all students in the course throughout the term and are not to leave the classroom.

Borrowing Materials

All library materials to be used outside of the library must be signed out. Checkout cards are available at the desk. Please record the date and the title, complete call number, volume number and copy number for each piece you check out. Materials may be recalled from you if someone else needs them. Be sure to return all library materials by the end of each term. You will be held responsible for any items checked out to you that are not returned at the end of the term, whether you keep these items yourself or loan them to someone else.

Requesting Materials from Other Libraries

If you need a book or article that is not available in the library at Stone Lab, we may be able to supply a copy from Columbus. To place your request, send an email to the library staff in Columbus by using the “Contact Us” link on Depending upon what you need, where it is located and the timing of your request, materials may be delivered electronically or by visiting Columbus staff.