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Student Spotlights

Meet some of our Stone Lab students and alumni!

Meet our Students

Meet some of our former Stone Lab students and learn how their experience on Gibraltar Island affected their lives!

Insley Warman
Shari Insley and Mark Warman

A Walk on the Wild Side

Water & Wildlife Training 2016

Madeline Lambrix
Madeline Lambrix

Diving Into Research

Limnology REU 2017

Ella Weaver
Ella Weaver

Tiny But Mighty

Ecology 2016

Max Frankenberry
Max Frankenberry

The Best that It Gets

Evolution 2015

Frances Bozak
Frances Bozak

From Oceans to Lakes and Back Again

First published in Twine Line, Spring/Summer 2015

Jeffry Hayes
Jeffry Hayes

Tracking His Passion

2015 Herpetology REU

Zach Dielh
Zach Diehl

Stone Lab: A Good Diehl

First published in Twine Line, Fall/Winter 2015

Hilary Thompson
Hilary Thompson

Cycles of Science

First published in Twine Line, Fall/Winter 2014