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Ohio State’s Stone Lab Launches New Field Trip Activity for Grades 4-12

12:00 pm, Mon August 26, 2013 –

Gibraltar Island, OH Stone Lab, Ohio State University’s Island Campus on Lake Erie, is now offering an additional activity in its Science Field Trip program. The Climate Expedition, produced with funding from a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant, leads students through a number of stations, where posters introduce a specific climate-related topic, how that topic relates to the Great Lakes region, and where on Gibraltar Island (Stone Lab’s home at Put-in-Bay) students may be able to see those impacts first-hand.

“Climate change is such an important issue, we wanted to be able to help teachers address some of the topics while they are here at the lab”? says Dr. Kristin Stanford, Stone Lab’s Education & Outreach Coordinator.

Climate change is often considered an abstract concept, affecting far-flung parts of the world like the Arctic, but not really relevant to life around the Great Lakes. However, research indicates that climate change will cause noticeable changes in the region, from changes in weather patterns to sightings of new plant and animal species.

With changing environments comes a need to educate area residents about the changes, and about the “new normal”? they can expect to see in the future. “The Climate Expedition activities promote awareness of a global issue using examples from our students’ own back yards”? explains Sue Bixler, Stone Lab Outreach & Education Associate.

The stations also provide valuable information to adult visitors. QR codes on each poster lead interested visitors to more information right on the spot, and Ohio Sea Grant can provide additional resources on each station topic upon request via email to

The Climate Expedition joins eleven other activities in the Lake Erie Science Field Trips program, allowing student groups from fourth to twelfth grade as well as adults to customize a one- or two-day science experience on Lake Erie. All field trips include a science cruise onto Lake Erie to collect water samples and trawl for fish, and a laboratory experience where students examine their finds under microscopes. Additional activity options range from birdwatching to a visit at the Aquatic Visitors Center, where students learn about the Center’s history as a state fish hatchery.

For more information about Lake Erie Science Field Trips, please visit

Located on the 6.5-acre Gibraltar Island in Put-in-Bay harbor, Stone Laboratory is Ohio State’s Island Campus on Lake Erie and the research, education, and outreach facility of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. Established in 1895, Stone Laboratory is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the United States and the center of Ohio State University’s teaching and research on Lake Erie. Stone Lab offers 25 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students, and educators. For information on Stone Laboratory, visit


Dr. Kristin Stanford, Stone Lab Education & Outreach Coordinator,

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Christina Dierkes
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