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Stone Lab Seeks Young Researchers for Research Experience for Undergraduates Scholarship Program

2:43 pm, Mon January 23, 2017 – Applications for the 2017 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Scholarship Program are due February 6, 2017

COLUMBUSStone Laboratory, The Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie, welcomes college undergraduates to apply for its 2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Scholarship Program. Applications are due by February 6, 2017. REU students receive a full scholarship, including lab fee, room and meals and in-state tuition for the 2-credit research experience and a 4-credit, five-week course.

Stone Lab is seeking college sophomores, juniors and seniors at any U.S. college for the five-week REU program, a competitive, comprehensive research internship. The 10 students chosen will learn how to conduct scientific research in the field alongside top scientists from June 18 through July 22, 2017.

REU applicants must submit their applications by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on February 6, 2017. Selections will be made by the end of March. Application requirements and more information can be found at

The program runs concurrently with its five-week college term at Stone Lab, and REU students must be enrolled in one of the five-week courses offered.

Students spend their non-class days focused on research, working closely with their supervisors to design an experiment, collect samples and analyze data. At the end of the program, they give a final presentation to their peers and the public.

“The Stone Lab REU gives undergraduates the opportunity to conduct research alongside scientists who study environmental issues facing Lake Erie, such as algal blooms, invasive and endangered species, and fisheries management,” said Stone Laboratory Research Coordinator Justin Chaffin. “Stone Lab is an excellent location to conduct research due to its location on Gibraltar and South Bass Islands in Lake Erie.”

This summer, students will conduct research on plants, fish, fisheries, water quality, birds and ecology.

Located on the 6.5-acre Gibraltar Island in Put-in-Bay harbor, Stone Laboratory is Ohio State’s Island Campus on Lake Erie and the research, education, and outreach facility of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. Established in 1895, Stone Laboratory is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the United States and the center of Ohio State University’s teaching and research on Lake Erie. Stone Lab offers 25 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students, and educators. For information on Stone Laboratory, visit

ARTICLE TITLE: Stone Lab Seeks Young Researchers for Research Experience for Undergraduates Scholarship Program PUBLISHED: 2:43 pm, Mon January 23, 2017
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Lisa Aurand Rice
Authored By: Lisa Aurand Rice
Communication and Marketing Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

Communications and Marketing Specialist Lisa Rice promotes Stone Lab’s summer courses and is the face behind the Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab social media accounts.