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Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Education and Outreach on Asian Carp Report


Report explaining the dangers, history, and status of Asian Carp in the Great Lakes, and it provides materials and contact info for those seeking more information or to educate others on Asian Carp.

LENGTH: 55 pages
Technical Bulletin

Stone Lab Guest Lecture: Algae should be eaten and not seen


Research Brief
Changes in water quality of Grand Lake St. Marys following a manure application ban
Stephen Jacquemin, Department of Biological Sciences, Wright State University – Lake Campus

Guest Lecture
Algae should be eaten and not seen: linking land-use to healthy aquatic food webs
Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, Department of Biological Sciences, Wright State University

DURATION: ~ 1 hr, 52 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

Solar Technology Curriculum: References


Instructions on how to use a multimeter and term definitions for the solar technology curriculum.

LENGTH: 3 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Using Real-Time Data to Relate Solar Energy Production to the Sun’s Location


Lesson and activity plan for teaching about solar energy efficiency using the Sun’s position in the sky.

LENGTH: 11 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Building a Solar Photovoltaic Array by Exploring Series and Parallel Circuits


Lesson and activity descriptions for using circuits to teach about solar technology.

LENGTH: 17 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Using Models to Investigate Solar Thermal Technology


Activity and lesson descriptions for ways to used models to learn about solar thermal technology.

LENGTH: 15 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Solar Technology Curriculum: Introduction


Curriculum description for Ohio Sea Grant’s solar technology lesson unit for teachers.

LENGTH: 1 page
Education / Curriculum Publication

Shipboard Science Workshop Detailed Flyer 2017


Detailed description and information on the 2017 Shipboard Science workshop.

LENGTH: 2 pages
External Partner Publication

Shipboard Science Workshop Brief Flyer 2017


information on the 2017 Shipboard Science workshop on Lake Huron.

LENGTH: 1 page
External Partner Publication

Twine Line Summer 2016

Twine Line Summer 2016

You’re never too young or too old to learn something new! This issue of Twine Line shows some of the different ways Stone Lab educates students of all ages, plus new research from the island. Only in this issue of Twine Line!

VOLUME: 38 ISSUE: 1 LENGTH: 19 pages
Twine Line

Lake Erie Science Field Trip Workbook


Workbook for Stone Lab field trip groups

LENGTH: 40 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Why We Don’t Believe Science: A Perspective From Decision Psychology


In a perfect world, people are objective when they perceive risks and make decisions in climate and other domains. But psychological research suggests that this is not always how the human mind works.

DURATION: ~ 1 hr, 3 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

2011 South Bass Light Station Brochure

LENGTH: 2 pages

Partnering to Build Environmental Literacy: Ohio's Successes in Lake Erie Education and Outreach Display

LENGTH: 1 page

Harmful Algal Blooms in Ohio Waters


Harmful algal blooms are all over the news after the Toledo drinking water crises of 2011 and 2014, but what actually causes causes these algal blooms and why are they so dangerous? This 4 page fact sheet will provide you with answers about what makes up a harmful algal bloom, why they form, why they’re dangerous, and what you can do to help prevent them and keep yourself safe.

LENGTH: 4 pages
Fact Sheet

Lake Erie Literacy Principles: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts Brochure

LENGTH: 2 pages

Great Lakes Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Great Lakes Learning Brochure

LENGTH: 4 pages

Celebrating 30 Years of Ohio Sea Grant (Revision)

LENGTH: 8 pages

Great Lakes Literacy Principles Website

Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

International Association for Great Lakes Research Lake Erie Literacy Principles Display

LENGTH: 1 page

Lake Erie Literacy Principles Display

LENGTH: 1 page

Celebrating 30 Years of Ohio Sea Grant


Brochure describing the accomplishments and impacts of Ohio Sea Grant over its first 30 years.

LENGTH: 8 pages
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