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Stone Lab REU Presentations 2017


Stone Lab REU Presentations 2017

Depth distribution of phytoplankton in western Lake Erie: Correlation between buoy and Fluoroprobe-derived data
Alex Johnson, Cleveland State University

Visual detection thresholds of walleye under varying turbidity
Andrew Oppliger, The Ohio State University

Intoxicated fishes: evaluating Aqui-S as an anesthetic for lake trout
Kearstin Findley, Rockford University

Determining nutrient limitations of benthic algae growth using a nutrient diffusing substrate
Marissa Musk, Michigan State University

Nutrient limitations in the central basin of Lake Erie
Madeline Lambrix, The Ohio State University

Effects of sediment resuspension on nutrient flux and nitrification in Lake Erie
Taylor Michael, Kent State University

Changes in forest composition in lowland island forests after the emerald ash borer
Camille Manoukian, The Ohio State University

Importance of Lake Erie island preserves for birds during breeding season
Stacey Clay, The Ohio State University

DURATION: ~ 2 hrs, 16 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

Stone Lab REU Presentations 2016


Stone Lab REU Presentations 2016

DURATION: ~ 2 hrs, 40 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

FOSL Winter Program Thompson Library Display 2016

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