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Twine Line Spring/Summer 2015

OHSU-TL-1501: Twine Line Spring/Summer 2015

Published: May 18, 2015
Last Modified: May 21, 2015
Volume: 37 Issue: 1
Length: 20 pages
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 Christina  Dierkes

Christina Dierkes

Outreach Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

Lisa Aurand Rice

Lisa Aurand Rice

Communication and Marketing Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

 Jill  Jentes Banicki

Jill Jentes Banicki

Assistant Director, Communications, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

  1. 3 Fish Genetics and Marine Viruses
  2. 6 Ohio Board of Regents Funding
  3. 8 Stone Lab Summer Workshops
  4. 9 Ohio Sea Grant and Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
  5. 10 Ohio Sea Grant Small Grants Program
  6. 12 Stone Lab Field Trips
  7. 14 Ohio Sea Grant Director Ends Tenure on a High Note
  8. 16 Ohio Sea Grant Knauss Fellow Champions Ocean Education from the East Coast to the Rockies
  9. 17 Student Spotlight: Frances Bozak
  10. 18 FOSL: President's Letter
  11. 19 FOSL: Winter Program 2015

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