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Ohio Sea Grant funds a broad range of research projects in a variety of topic areas critical to Lake Erie and the Great Lakes

Research at Ohio Sea Grant

Ohio Sea Grant funds a wide range of research projects. The program identifies and prioritizes research topics with input from state and federal agencies, scientists, Extension specialists and their advisory committees. Current priorities – our critical issues – fall under nutrient loading and phosphorus, sedimentation and dredging, harmful algal blooms, the dead zone, aquatic invasive species, climate change and sustainable coastal development. This is an ever-changing and adaptive list, but represents much of our research focus.

Research Focus Areas

Research proposals come to us from every university in Ohio, as well as some environmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Using a competitive peer review process, Ohio Sea Grant has awarded grants to investigators at more than 20 Ohio universities, including support for graduate students.

Ohio Sea Grant Strategic Plan

The goal of Ohio Sea Grant’s 2010-2014 strategic plan is to improve the economy, education and environment using research, education and outreach in partnership with government, academia and the private sector. The plan guides our implementation of the National Sea Grant Program strategic plan and follows its four focus areas – hazard resilient coastal communities, healthy coastal ecosystems, safe sustainable seafood supply and sustainable coastal development – as we address Lake Erie’s coastal issues locally and statewide. It also incorporates the Academic Plan and Leadership Agenda of The Ohio State University. The plan is updated every five years.