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Ohio Sea Grant College Program
and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

Coastal & Open-Water Engineering

Issues that face engineers in dealing with coastal and aquatic environs are in many ways unique from those in terrestrial and developed settings. Ohio Sea Grant's programs have developed new maps/charts, improved the safety and quality of underwater welds, and more. Our artificial reef programs have enhanced habitat and more than paid for themselves in the recreational business they have generated.

Project List

Completed: Project Completed Title: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Completion: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Start Date: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending

A/AS-005-PD Project Status A/AS-005-PD: Completed

Started: 7/1/1992, Status: Completed

"Invasion of zebra mussels to inland lakes and reservoirs: What does it mean and what can be done about it?" (A special symposium for the North America Lake Management Society)

R/OE-012 Project Status R/OE-012: Completed

Started: 9/1/1992, Status: Completed

A Climatology Protocol for Characterization of Long Term Entrainment and Resuspension

R/EM-021-PD Project Status R/EM-021-PD: Completed

Started: 8/1/2000, Status: Completed

A Model for Internal Chemical Loading in Lake Erie

R/EM-014 Project Status R/EM-014: Completed

Started: 9/1/1994, Status: Completed

A Multigrain Size Sediment Resuspension and Transport Model for Great Lakes Tributaries: An Initial Implementation for the Maumee River/Toledo Harbor Region

R/PS-031 Project Status R/PS-031: Completed

Started: 3/1/2003, Status: Completed

Advanced Treatment Processes for the Removal of Cyanobacterial Toxins from Drinking Water


Started: 9/1/1996

An Integrated Watershed-Lake Erie Forecasting System

R/OE-009-PD Project Status R/OE-009-PD: Completed

Started: 4/1/1990, Status: Completed

An Operational Lake Erie Information Forecasting System (LEIFS)

R/CE-008 Project Status R/CE-008: Completed

Started: 7/1/2002, Status: Completed

Application Of Gfo-1 Radar Altimeter Data To Global Change Studies

R/CE-011-PD Project Status R/CE-011-PD: Completed

Started: 6/1/2010, Status: Completed

Autonomous Water Quality Sampling Watercraft


Started: 2/1/2011

Bench-scale evaluation of in-situ ultrasonic remediation of contaminated sediments

A/AS-001-PD Project Status A/AS-001-PD: Completed

Started: 9/1/1984, Status: Completed

Biogeography of the Island Region of Western Lake Erie Conference


Started: 6/18/2000

Bottom boundary layer measurements over biological substrates

R/ER-077-PD Project Status R/ER-077-PD: Completed

Started: 3/1/2006, Status: Completed

Boundary Dynamics of the Hypoxic Hypolimnion of Lake Erie’s Central Basin

E/CD-001 Project Status E/CD-001: Completed

Started: 9/1/1980, Status: Completed

Coastal Engineering Curriculum Development

E/CEI-001-PD Project Status E/CEI-001-PD: Completed

Started: 1/1/1987, Status: Completed

Coastal Engineering Internship