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Ohio Sea Grant College Program
and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

Information Dissemination on Toxic Algae in Lake Erie

Project Number: A/AS-007-PD, Progress Report

Start Date: 6/1/1996

Completion Date: 5/31/1997

Revision Date: 5/12/2003

Principal Investigator(s)1.David A. Culver, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology The Ohio State University*
Co-Principal Investigator(s)2.Maran Brainard-Hilgendorf, *
This shows the current affiliation and may not match affiliation at time of participation. *

Funding Record

Source: Ohio Sea Grant College Program
Source FundState MatchPass Through
Total$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 0.00


The public is best protected from the effects of toxic cyanobacteria through appropriate education on the risks of contact with and ingestion of microcystis-containing water, supported by active research and monitoring efforts by appropriate scientific and management personnel. Established communication activities through news releases, fact sheets, reports and interviews involving researchers supported by the activities of communication and extension personnel will best serve the majority of the individuals needing this information. Ohio Sea Grant Program's communication and extension programs are uniquely situated to serve the information dissemination needs of the Microcystis research initiative. The collaborative between the OSG and the Lake Erie Protection fund provides an excellent opportunity to provide the lay public, managerial and scientific communities with the results of proposed research on Microcystis.


The results of Microcystis research funded by the Lake Erie Protection Fund will be widely disseminated to all types of potential users. Each of 13 co-principal investigators will be responsible for the preparation of at least one Twine Line article, news release or fact sheet on his/her research, in conjunction with Ohio Sea Grant Communications (M. Hilgendorf and R. Taylor). PIs will communicate the results of their research to the five Ohio Sea Grant Marine Advisory Services agents, who will further disseminate the information through their meetings with the public at booths at boat shows, Coast Weeks activities, etc. The results of this research is relevant to the Great Lakes region and beyond, and will be further disseminated through Sea Grant regional network communications and the Ohio Sea Grant Communications WWW page. All PIs will present their research results to scientific conferences and have budgeted funds for this purpose.