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Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

IAGLR 99 Media Outreach

Project Number: A/AS-008-PD, Completion Report

Start Date: 3/1/1999

Completion Date: 8/31/1999

Revision Date: 10/25/2004

Principal Investigator(s)1.Frank R. Lichtkoppler, Sea Grant Extension The Ohio State University*
This shows the current affiliation and may not match affiliation at time of participation. *

Funding Record

Source: Ohio Sea Grant College Program
Source FundState MatchPass Through
Total$ 1,525.00$ 0.00$ 0.00


Increase public awareness of Great Lakes science, scientific issues and the International Association for Great Lakes Research meeting (IAGLR 99) to be held May 25-28, 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Inform the public of key Great Lakes research findings via electronic and print media.
Educate the public and key decision makers of the need to allocate adequate resources to continue to meet the priority needs for Great Lakes resource management for the public benefit.
Increase linkages of the mass media to the Great Lakes Scientific Community.


Great Lakes scientific research information must reach the general public and key decision makers outside the scientific community for it to have maximum impact and value to the Great Lakes community. IAGLR 99 is the premier scientific meeting for the presentation of new ideas on a wide variety of news worthy Great Lakes scientific issues. As it is being hosted by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, IAGLR 99 offers an excellent opportunity for the Ohio Sea Grant College Program to use its communication and outreach expertise to educate the public. Linking Great Lakes scientists to major market media will increase communication and cooperation between the scientific and the media communities providing better information to the citizens in the Great Lakes region.


We propose to prepare and send out IAGLR 99 media kits with 3 to 6 Great Lakes science news stories to 100 selected mass media outlets in the Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and Great Lakes region at 6 weeks and again at 3 weeks prior to the IAGLR 99 meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. We plan to encourage Great Lakes Sea Grant Communications programs and outlets such as Twine Line and Earthwatch Radio to use IAGLR 99 to educate the public. Media kits will have short articles and story ideas on the IAGLR 99 meeting, IAGLR, current cutting edge Great Lakes research results, and scientists to contact for additional information.

Ohio Sea Grant will provide graphic design assistance in developing the front and back cover for the IAGLR 99 program/abstract population.

A media reception for invited press representatives is planned during the first day lunch break. This will provide an opportunity to meet with IAGLR 99 organizers and selected scientists to discuss Great Lakes research results and future research needs. Ongoing contacts with key Great Lakes researchers will be encouraged by sharing media lists and lists of IAGLR contacts with both scientists and reporters. Key Cleveland market media will reach hundreds of thousands of listeners, viewers and readers with our message at a value that is estimated to be worth a minimum of $10,000. IAGLR 99 will provide a media room for interviews and the backdrop of the Tuesday poster session for audio and video taping.

Benefits & Accomplishments

A minimum of 32 articles, stories and news items relationg tothe IAGLR 99 Conference were generated , printed or aired by local, regional and national radio, TV and print media. A total of 9 IAGLR 99 related news items were mailed in two separate mailings to 110 media contacts in the Great Lakes. Six news outlets including Newsweek, the Associated Press, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Toledo Blade, the Lake County News Herald and the Great Lakes Radio Consortium participated in the IAGLR 99 news conference we organized. The Ohio Sea Grant Communications Program designed the IAGLR 99 Program Cover. Several verbal comments on the high quality of the cover design and the IAGLR 99 media effort were received by the PI. The PR department of Case Western Reserve University host of the IAGLR 99 Conference cooperated in this effort and we exceeded their goal of 20 media hits from this effort.