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Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

South Bass Island Lighthouse: Creation of a Publication to Commemorate Its Centennial Year

Project Number: A/P-004-PD, Completion Report

Start Date: 9/1/1994

Completion Date: 5/31/1995

Revision Date: 12/1/1998

Principal Investigator(s)1.Maran Brainard-Hilgendorf, *
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Funding Record

Source: Ohio Sea Grant College Program
Source FundState MatchPass Through
Total$ 6,000.00$ 0.00$ 0.00


To produce a publication and a video that provides the history of the lighthouse on South Bass Island. The publication will be similar to Ohio Sea Grant's South Bass Island Guide and will include many photographs and illustrations to allow historians, educators and tourists a tour-by-photographs, which will be both educational and interesting. The video will be approximately 10 minutes long and will provide the same information in a different format.


Lighthouses are of historical interest and South Bass Island is a popular tourist destination, making the lighthouse on South Bass Island of interest to a great many people. The lighthouse, now located on The Ohio State University property, was built in 1895. The fact that it is 100 years old is another reason to produce this historical and visual guide. This publication will provide as much access to the lighthouse--through information and photographs--as is possible. Financial constraints don't allow for the hiring of a guide or the purchase of liability insurance that is necessary to allow tours of the property. The video will provide the same information but in a different format.


Research will be conducted to obtain facts about and photographs of the lighthouse. To produce the publication, approximately one week of staff time will be required for research (Nancy Cruickshank), for design (Sue Jenkins), for writing (Robin Taylor) and for coordination, review and promotion (Maran Brainard Hilgendorf) for a total of one month of effort. The research and photographs will be given to Section of Communications and Technology staff to produce the video.