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Live Camera Views at Stone Laboratory

Our webcams give you a chance to visit Stone Lab, Put-in-Bay, and the tip of South Bass Island without ever leaving home

Our webcams give you a chance to preview weather and wave conditions at Stone Lab, Put-in-Bay, and the tip of South Bass Island before your visit.

Live images and video feed are for informational and educational use only. The Ohio State University does not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness . These images and video are not stored or archived by The Ohio State University.

Stone Lab Classroom Building

The view from the main classroom building overlooks downtown Put-in-Bay and Put-in-Bay harbor. The 21-room building includes two teaching laboratories, office space, and classrooms, as well as a top-floor meeting space for special events, a library, a computer lab, and the Stone Lab bookstore.

Research Building

This is the view former Stone Lab Director Dr. Charles Herdendorf had from his office in the Stone Lab Research Building on South Bass Island. At any given time, you may see crews getting ready for a research cruise, Stone Lab students taking rowboats across to Gibraltar Island, or kids fishing off the dock at the Aquatic Visitors Center.

South Bass Island Lighthouse

The South Bass Island Lighthouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the only university-owned lighthouse in the United States. Ohio Sea Grant staff offer tours of the building during the summer, including a chance to climb the lighthouse tower for an expansive view of South Bass Island and Catawba Point. The lighthouse grounds also house a NOAA weather station tower and a Monarch Butterfly Waystation, and are open to the public during daylight hours.

Dining Hall

The dining hall camera can be viewed in the summer. Wondering what kind of view you’d have during meals at Stone Lab? This camera faces South Bass Island’s Peach Point and the open lake, giving you a great look at some of the neighboring islands.

Stone Laboratory is happy to bring you these live video feeds. To ensure we are able to continue to provide this live video stream, please feel free to donate to one of our many development and endowment funds.