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Ohio Sea Grant College Program
and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory


Lake Erie is faced with constant challenges from pollution, both newly introduced and recycled through changing biological pathways and invasive species; Ohio Sea Grant works to keep resource users informed and help management agencies understand and control these problems. From tracking the presence of pollutants and potentially toxic algal blooms to remediation through biotechnology and wetland restoration to staying abreast of the most recent fish consumption advisories, our programs produce real tools for dealing with pollution.

Project List

Completed: Project Completed Title: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Completion: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Start Date: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending

R/PS-011-PD Project Status R/PS-011-PD: Completed

Started: 6/1/1992, Status: Completed

Zebra Mussel's Directed Trophic Transfer

R/EM-016-PD Project Status R/EM-016-PD: Completed

Started: 9/1/1992, Status: Completed

Wetland Reductions of Pollution to the Great Lakes: Quantification of a Model for Sediment, Nutrient and Pesticides


Started: 10/14/1996

Viral Lysis of Cyanobacteria in Lake Erie


Started: 4/1/2006

Using solid-phase Microextraction (SPME) fibres to model PCB bioaccumulation by zebra mussels

R/PS-044-PD Project Status R/PS-044-PD: Completed

Started: 4/1/2010, Status: Completed

Uptake of Agricultural Hormones and Analogs by Plants in the Lake Erie Watershed


Started: 2/1/2011

The role of sediment in controlling the fate and toxicity of microcystin

R/PS-021 Project Status R/PS-021: Completed

Started: 3/1/1997, Status: Completed

The Relationships Between Particle Size Composition of Suspended Sediments and Particulate Pollutant Transport in Rivers

R/PS-014 Project Status R/PS-014: Completed

Started: 9/1/1994, Status: Completed

The Relationship Between Critical Body Burden of Hydrophobic Contaminants and Biological Endpoints in Aquatic Biomonitoring Organisms

R/PS-009 Project Status R/PS-009: Completed

Started: 9/1/1992, Status: Completed

The Mobility of Contaminant-Laden Colloids in the Sedimentary Porewaters of the Great Lakes

R/ZM-002 Project Status R/ZM-002: Completed

Started: 9/1/1992, Status: Completed

The Impact of Zebra Mussels on the Dynamics of Heavy Metals

R/PS-008-PD Project Status R/PS-008-PD: Completed

Started: 4/1/1990, Status: Completed

Testing of Mechanical, Molluscicidal, Anti-Attachment, Antibiofouling Agents on the Zebra Mussel


Started: 3/1/2003

Supplemental funding for equipment

R/PS-004 Project Status R/PS-004: Completed

Started: 9/1/1989, Status: Completed

Sunlight Induced Photochemistry: Formation of Reactive Species

R/PS-037 Project Status R/PS-037: Completed

Started: 3/31/2006, Status: Completed

Sonochemical sequestration of PAHs in sediments

R/PS-026 Project Status R/PS-026: Completed

Started: 3/1/2000, Status: Completed

Sonochemical Desorption of Mercury Laden Sediments