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Ohio Sea Grant College Program
and Stone Laboratory

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory


Lake Erie is faced with constant challenges from pollution, both newly introduced and recycled through changing biological pathways and invasive species; Ohio Sea Grant works to keep resource users informed and help management agencies understand and control these problems. From tracking the presence of pollutants and potentially toxic algal blooms to remediation through biotechnology and wetland restoration to staying abreast of the most recent fish consumption advisories, our programs produce real tools for dealing with pollution.

Project List

Completed: Project Completed Title: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Completion: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending Start Date: Sort Title AscendingSort Title Descending


Started: 2/1/2009

Fate of Inorganic Nanoparticles in Surface Water Environments

R/PS-002 Project Status R/PS-002: Completed

Started: 9/1/1984, Status: Completed

Exposure of Wetlands to Agricultural Pesticides in Storm Runoff

R/PS-034 Project Status R/PS-034: Completed

Started: 3/1/2004, Status: Completed

Evaluation of Dewatering Strategies for PCB-Contaminated Sediments in the Great Lakes Region

R/PS-038-PD Project Status R/PS-038-PD: Completed

Started: 7/1/2006, Status: Completed

Evaluating PCB Transport from Contaminated Sediments During In Situ Capping


Started: 6/1/1997

Environmental Transmission of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) through a Zebra Mussel-Dominated Foodchain

R/PS-005 Project Status R/PS-005: Completed

Started: 9/1/1990, Status: Completed

Environmental Factors Affecting the Accumulation of Sediment-Sorbed Carcinogens into Great Lakes Food Chains


Started: 3/1/2000

Effects of Salt Contamination and Exotic Species Invasions on a Large, Freshwater Marsh in the Lake Erie Basin


Started: 9/1/1996

Economic and Hydrologic Analysis of Integrated Wetland Reservoir and Subirrigated Agricultural Production Systems

R/REU-002-ST Project Status R/REU-002-ST: Completed

Started: 6/19/2006, Status: Completed

Doug Kane Visiting Scientist/ REU Mentor Application


Started: 6/1/2000

Digestive physiology as it relates to food preference as a mechanism explaining differential bioaccumulation of lipophilic pollutants among benthic invertebrates


Started: 6/1/2003

Development of Fluorescent Biosensors for In Situ Trace-Metal Quantification and Biomonitoring

R/PS-003 Project Status R/PS-003: Completed

Started: 9/1/1983, Status: Completed

Development of an Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for the Great Lakes


Started: 4/1/2005

Development of a MODIS Image Product for Mapping Phycocyanin Pigment in Blue-Green Algal Blooms (Toxic Algae)

R/PS-018-PD Project Status R/PS-018-PD: Completed

Started: 3/1/1996, Status: Completed

Degradation of Alachlor Under Sulfate Reducing Conditions

R/PS-007-PD Project Status R/PS-007-PD: Completed

Started: 12/1/1990, Status: Completed

Control of Zebra Mussels with Lemmatoxins, a natural molluscicide from Phytolacca dodecandra