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Angela Greene

Education Specialist, Stone Laboratory

About Greene

 Angela Kay Greene

Angela Greene

Education Specialist, Stone Laboratory.

As an education specialist, Angela promotes the use of Great Lakes curricula and facilitates teacher professional learning. She is a 33-year veteran of the classroom currently teaching technology and serving as the instructional technology coach for Tecumseh Local Schools.


Angela Greene is a 33-year classroom veteran, currently teaching technology and serving as the instructional technology coach at Tecumseh Middle School in New Carlisle, Ohio. She has an undergraduate degree from Muskingum University in Science Education and an MA in Special Education from Wright State University. Angela is a 2013 NOAA Teacher at Sea, an honor that allowed her to participate in population studies focusing on the North Atlantic Right Whale. She is also an Earthwatch Science Volunteer and conducted fieldwork on the advancing tree line in a sub-arctic region of Canada.

In the classroom, Angela is constantly seeking new ways to integrate technology, piloting new ideas and creating curriculum involving the use of iPads. Recently she earned her “Certified Trainer” credentials with an educational technology platform called Nearpod. As an Education Specialist for Ohio Sea Grant, Angela is able to develop new curriculum focusing on current scientific research being conducted in the Great Lakes basin, and provides professional development opportunities to other educators. As a certified facilitator for Project Wild, Project Wild Aquatic, Project Wet and Healthy Water, Healthy People, she currently teaches Water and Wildlife Training for Educators at Stone Laboratory. At home, Angela and her husband Rodney own and operate Greene Acres Christmas Tree and Alpaca Farm in Medway, Ohio.