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Tory Gabriel

Extension Specialist, Program Manager, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

About Gabriel

Tory Gabriel

Tory Gabriel

Extension Specialist, Program Manager, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

As Extension Program Leader for Ohio Sea Grant, Tory oversees a team of educators and also serves as Fisheries Educator. His programming focuses on sustainable Lake Erie fisheries including the charter boat industry, sport fishing, and aquatic invasive species prevention.


  • Fisheries
  • Habitat & Ecosystems
  • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Tory is the Extension Program Leader for Ohio Sea Grant and also serves as Fisheries Educator. His responsibilities include managing and providing programmatic direction to the Extension side of OHSG, while also focusing on research, education, and outreach on Lake Erie’s sustainable fisheries.

Tory interacts with a variety of Lake Erie stakeholders, and often works with groups associated with sport fishing such as charter captains and fishing associations. Youth education is also prominent in his programming to help build the next generation of Lake Erie stewards.

Major outreach efforts include the annual Ohio Charter Captains Conference, 4-H Sea Camp on Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie Sport Fishing course at Stone Lab, and hands-on workshops at youth events including sport fishing and aquatic biology. He’s also involved with field research on fish populations for several wetland restoration projects in the Lake Erie watershed.

Tory offers presentations on Lake Erie’s critical issues, including aquatic invasive species prevention. Always clean, drain, and dry all boats, trailers and equipment used in water and never release aquatic pets, plants or bait!

Professional memberships and committees include

  • American Fisheries Society and Ohio Chapter
  • Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals
  • Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species (Ohio alternate)
  • International Association for Great Lakes Research
  • Joint Council of Extension Professionals
  • Lake Erie Charter Boat Association
  • Ohio Academy of Science
  • Ohio Committee on Aquatic Invasive Species

Tory holds a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and a master’s degree in life science education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He began his career as an Ohio Sea Grant Extension Educator in 2008, and is currently based in the Ottawa County Extension Office in Oak Harbor.

Impacts and Accomplishments

Ohio Sea Grant helped Dublin-Jerome High School students learn to harvest, fillet, and eat fish in a sustainable way. Many students learned a new skill that they can use in the future, and are more confident about the process of harvesting and eating fish.

Ohio Sea Grant created the Erie PrOH certification program to empower fishing guides to promote the industry, fishery, and conservation-oriented best practices, ultimately benefiting their business while increasing Lake Erie literacy and stewardship. 64 guides became certified in 2023, potentially reaching 12,160 angling clients in 2024.

Ohio Sea Grant partnered with multiple state programs to provide a five-day Sea Camp for hundreds of Ohio teens to foster personal connections to Lake Erie and grow into Lake Erie-literate adults.

Ohio Sea Grant’s educational efforts resulted in an estimated 947 individuals intending to change their behaviors and use lessons learned in future decision making to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Now in its 43rd year and annually reaching hundreds of licensed captains, the Ohio Charter Captains Conference helps Lake Erie charter businesses be more successful through training in business management, regulatory requirements, and environmental issues.

Ohio Sea Grant provides presentations and hands-on sport fishing experiences to hundreds of Ohioans, enhancing their Lake Erie knowledge and stewardship, and encouraging further outdoor activities that improve health and well-being of Lake Erie residents. Since 2008, Ohio Sea Grant’s 189 programs have reached more than 4,852 people, predominantly youth ages 13 to 18.