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Take the pledge, follow the best practices, become a Ohio Clean Marina! Learn more at one of our events.

The Ohio Clean Marinas Program is a proactive partnership designed to encourage marinas and boaters to use simple, innovative solutions to keep Ohio’s coastal and inland waterway resources clean. The program assists in protecting clean water and fresh air for generations of boaters to come.

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Put the clean boating philosophy into action and take the Clean Boater pledge!

The Ohio Clean Boater Program promotes environmental stewardship by making boaters more aware of the environmental impact of boating activities, getting as many boaters as possible to follow best boater practices and designating them as “Clean Boaters.”

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Why should I get certified? AS A MARINA

  • improved water quality and wildlife habitat
  • public recognition and enhanced image
  • attracting conscientious boaters
  • compliance assistance
  • financial incentives

Why should I pledge? AS A BOATER

  • become a good steward
  • learn about best boater practices
  • protect future recreation opportunities