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Erie PrOH Guide Certification Program

Erie PrOH is a voluntary certification course for fishing guides and crew members who work on Lake Erie

What is Erie PrOH?

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Erie PrOH is a voluntary certification course for fishing guides and crew members who work on Lake Erie. This course aims to empower participants to promote their industry and sustainable angling while using conservation-oriented best practices. Online modules developed by Ohio Sea Grant and the Ohio Division of Wildlife provide training and materials to guides that will clarify Lake Erie fishery topics, help educate the public about the fishery, and attract environmentally aware clients.

This certification is NOT a substitution for the annual Lake Erie Fishing Guide license required by the Ohio Division of Wildlife to guide fishing trips on Lake Erie. To apply for this license and to learn more about becoming a licensed Lake Erie Fishing Guide, please visit Lake Erie Fishing Guide & Boat Captains | Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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What is an Erie PrOH certified guide?

Certification recognizes fishing guides for using fishing and boating techniques that contribute to a healthy environment and sustainable fisheries. Certification may help distinguish a fishing guideā€™s business, increase booking rates, and enhance market visibility, while helping to create a business reputation known for responsible Lake Erie stewardship.

Ohio Sea Grant and the Ohio Division of Wildlife view fishing guides as potential ambassadors for environmental stewardship. Clients will learn about sustainable fishing and boating practices, carrying this with them on future outdoor experiences and potentially sharing these practices with friends, family, and the next generation of anglers.

An Erie PrOH certified guide:

  1. has detailed knowledge about topics and issues that affect Lake Erie.
  2. can act as a responsible steward of Lake Erie.
  3. can help others understand the importance of enjoying and protecting Lake Erie.
  4. holds certification for five years after Erie PrOH course completion.
  5. will receive an Erie PrOH vessel sticker to display for customers.
  6. will have access to curated resources provided by Lake Erie-focused professionals that will help when communicating science to customers.
  7. will be designated, recognized, and promoted as “Erie PrOH Certified” on a webpage hosted by Ohio Sea Grant.

The Erie PrOH Certification program was developed in collaboration with Ohio Sea Grant and the Ohio Division of Wildlife. (Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife) and guided by an advisory committee and a working group.

Advisory Committee

Larry Fletcher, Shores and Islands Ohio
Neil Stein, Remarkable Lake County, Ohio
Paul Pacholski, Lake Erie Charter Boat Association
Tom Banyas, North Coast Charter Boat Association
Sarah Orlando, Ohio Clean Marinas Program

Working Group/Authors

Ohio Sea Grant

Tory Gabriel, Extension Program Leader
Chris Winslow, Director
Jill Bartolotta, Extension Educator
Angela Greene, Education Specialist

ODNR- Division of Wildlife

Scott Hale, Executive Administrator of Fish
Matt Leibengood, Supervisor, Lake Erie Law
Travis Hartman, Lake Erie Fisheries Program Administrator
Eric Weimer, Supervisor, Sandusky Fisheries Research Unit
Abigail Rhodebeck, Marketing Coordinator, Education and Outreach

Ohio Travel Association

Melinda Huntley, Executive Director