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Welcome to Stone Laboratory

Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie offering science courses each summer

Due to COVID-19, Stone Lab’s 2022 summer course offerings will be limited and only open to Ohio State students. We hope to have a full summer of courses again in 2023. Non-credit workshops are open to anyone 18 and older.

For more than 100 years, Stone Laboratory has been an invaluable asset in freshwater biology research, science education and outreach.

A freshwater fieldstation since 1895 and part of The Ohio State University since 1925, Stone Lab programs have introduced thousands – from elementary students to adults – to the basics of field-based biological science.

Professional researchers from all over the Midwest work here helping to solve the most pressing issues facing the Great Lakes, such as invasive species and toxic algal blooms.

Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island, the South Bass Island Lighthouse and Aquatic Visitors Center in Put-in-Bay bring hands-on science and education to everyone who visits.

In addition to field trips and guided tours for visitors, Stone Lab offers college-credit science courses each summer, covering biology, geology and natural resources, among other topics. The island campus has also hosted conferences and educational programs for a variety of groups.

As Ohio State’s island campus on Lake Erie, Stone Laboratory offers a powerful combination of science education and research.