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Here's how you apply to Stone Laboratory

Due to COVID-19, Stone Lab’s 2022 summer course offerings will be limited and only open to Ohio State students. We hope to have a full summer of courses again in 2023. Non-credit workshops are open to anyone 18 and older.

Apply to Stone Lab

Sign up now for summer science classes at The Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie.

You will need an Ohio Sea Grant account to begin your application. Create an account in the Account Manager. If you’ve previously created an account, you can use the same credentials to log in.

  • New accounts require email verification
  • Add to your safe senders list
  • Ohio State students use your buckeyemail to signup
  • Modern Browsers Required! Learn more by clicking here

Determining your Application Type

The descriptions below outline which application you should select in STEP 1 of your online application.

You are enrolled as an active student in The Ohio State University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources for the spring semester.

You are enrolled as an active student at The Ohio State University for spring semester.

You would like to participate in a non-credit workshop at Stone Lab.


You wish to take a Stone Lab course as a non-credit workshop.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age, have completed high school and meet the workshop requirements.

2022 Application Submission Deadlines

Current Ohio State Student May 20, 2022
Non-Credit Workshop Participant 4 weeks before workshop date

Scholarships and REU

Ohio State Student (School of Environment and Natural Resources) March 15, 2022
REU Deadline February 25, 2022
Ohio State Student March 15, 2022

Job Deadlines

Part-time Jobs March 31, 2022