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What does it cost to take a class at Stone Lab?

Tuition and fee estimates for Stone Lab courses

Costs associated with attending Stone Laboratory include tuition or workshop fees, and room and meals. Other university costs may include health insurance and instructional and general fees. Fees are subject to change.


Current Ohio State students will be charged the same tuition rate as their other courses. Students can check their statement of account to find the cost per credit hour.

Rates are subject to change. Students must receive permission from their college before registering for more than 18 credit hours.

The most up-to-date tuition fees for credits from The Ohio State University are available from the registrar’s office website, or by calling (614) 292-0300.

Room and Meals

Students are required to live in Stone Laboratory housing on Gibraltar Island. Limited housing may be available for married students; there is no housing available for children. Please contact us to request gender inclusive housing.

The Dining Hall provides 20 meals each week. Please note dietary restrictions in the medical form with your application. We strive to use reasonable efforts to provide quality options, but due to the remote location and small kitchen staff, we cannot guarantee to meet all accommodations. Please contact Felecia Groom to discuss any dietary concerns.

Room and Meals fee set by length of your stay for all course(s), not by number of courses taken.

$650 $2,300
$3,300 $4,500

Health Insurance

Students must have health insurance to be enrolled at Stone Laboratory.

Domestic students enrolled for at least 6 undergraduate credit hours or 5 graduate credit hours during a semester are eligible to purchase insurance from Ohio State’s Health Service if they are in an Ohio State degree program. International students are required to purchase the Ohio State Health Insurance Plan as a condition of enrollment. Some exceptions may apply.

Additional costs

All visitors to Stone Lab are responsible for their own transportation to the Bayview Office/Research Dock on South Bass Island.


Each year, Stone Lab awards scholarships to students with financial need. Anyone taking a for-credit class (and some workshops) is eligible to apply.

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