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Introductory Courses

Earn two credits in just one week with Stone Lab introductory courses

Get out of the classroom and earn college credit with our field-based introductory level courses. These courses will get you out of the classroom and ahead of the game at the same time.

High school students

All high school students (whether or not they apply for a scholarship) must submit a completed recommendation form attesting to the student’s academic abilities in biology or science and evaluating their maturity level. Recommendation forms should include the author’s business email.

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Stone Lab courses are not eligible for College Credit Plus.


Prerequisites are listed on the web page for each course.


Each year, Stone Lab awards scholarships to students with financial need. Anyone taking a for-credit class (and some workshops) is eligible to apply.

Course Abbreviations

ABBR Department or Program
KNSFHP Kinesiology: Sports, Fitness, and Health Program
EEOB Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
ENR School of Environment and Natural Resources
ENTMLGY Department of Entomology