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Stone Laboratory Handbook

The online handbook for Stone Lab, the Ohio State University's island campus on Lake Erie

Welcome to Stone Laboratory!

The Ohio State University’s island campus is the oldest freshwater biological field station and research laboratory in the United States. Since Stone Lab’s establishment in 1895, scientists and students have been conducting significant research on the ecology and physical characteristics of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes region.

Students, your experience here this summer could be the opportunity of a lifetime. For many students that I have interacted with, this is a transformative experience; one that will likely focus and shape your future career choice. Faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the region’s best students, and they are prepared to work hard. As I write this letter, I feel excitement for both faculty and students. I simply know how life changing the experience is that you are about to enjoy!

As a way to help you acclimate to Stone Lab, this online handbook has been designed to acquaint you with the details related to “island living.” If you have questions, please visit the FAQs or contact Stone Lab staff at (614) 292-8949.

We encourage you to become involved with Stone Lab’s support group, the Friends of Stone Lab (FOSL). Becoming a FOSL member is a great way to stay involved and to renew friendships you will undoubtedly make during your experience at the Lab.

Good luck and enjoy your classes, your research, and the entire Stone Laboratory experience.


Christopher Winslow, PhD
Christopher Winslow, PhD Director Stone Laboratory and Ohio Sea Grant