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Stone Laboratory Internet Policy

Guidelines for the use of the networks available on the island

Stone Laboratory Wireless Internet offered at The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory facility is high-speed Internet access network available to Faculty, Staff and Students on Put-In-Bay (PIB) and Gibraltar (GIB).

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure an information technology infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of Stone Laboratory in teaching, learning, research, and administration. In particular, this Policy aims to promote the following goals:

  • To ensure the integrity, reliability, availability, and superior performance of Stone Laboratory Internet and IT Services;
  • To ensure that use of Stone Laboratory Internet is consistent with the principles and values that govern use of other University facilities and services;
  • To ensure that Stone Laboratory Internet is used for its intended purposes; and
  • To establish processes for addressing policy violations and sanctions for violators.

Personal Account Responsibility

Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Stone Laboratory Internet accounts and passwords and may not be shared with others and must be changed periodically not to exceed a yearly cycle. All university owned/managed computers must meet or exceed the university Password Requirements including complexity and password life-cycle qualities. Users are presumed to be responsible for any activity carried out under their user accounts.

Acceptable Use Policy

Use of Stone Laboratory Internet services is a privilege, and it is the responsibility of each user to utilize these services appropriately. Stone Lab through Ohio Sea Grant and The Ohio State University (OSU), provides network connection services in the classrooms, dining hall, dormitory and other buildings and area’s on the Stone Lab campus.

By connecting a host/computer to Stone Laboratory Internet, users are bound to and required to adhere to all aspects of the OSU Policy on Responsible Use of Network Resources, the OSU Policy on Responsible Use of Wireless Resources, and the OSU Client Computing Security Standard, as well as any and all university, city, county, state and federal regulations. In addition, users of Stone Laboratory Internet at OSU are required to adhere to the following terms of acceptable use:

  1. Users must not illegally download or share copyrighted movies, music, software, or games.
  2. Users must not install or use P2P software like BitTorrent, Shareara, WireShare, etc., that would facilitate infringing content on the network.
  3. Destructive use of Stone Laboratory Internet systems is not allowed. Sending spam or distributing malware (such as a worm, or virus) is prohibited.
  4. As the intent of Stone Laboratory Internet is to provide users with access to outside services, users will not attempt to run any unauthorized services.
  5. Users will not attempt to circumvent the Stone Laboratory Internet firewall or any other established network services.
  6. Users will not modify or tamper with any Stone Laboratory Internet network wiring, hardware, or jacks.
  7. Users are responsible for all network traffic originating from their host.
  8. Users are prohibited from installing personal routers (wired or wireless) to the network. Routers may disrupt the network and introduce unnecessary security risks for other users.
  9. Users must have up to date antivirus software installed and running on their computer.
  10. Users must have all the latest critical Windows Updates installed and active.

Any actions that are deemed a violation of these policies will result in the termination of services. Users are subject to any applicable university and/or criminal sanctions and procedures.

As a result of reported violations or security issues, Stone Laboratory may suspend or deactivate your access to a specific Stone Laboratory Internet system or to a number of Stone Laboratory Internet systems. IT services will make its best effort to contact you concerning such changes in access.