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The Friends of Stone Lab are a non-profit group that supports Stone Lab research, education and outreach efforts

Friends of Stone Laboratory (FOSL)

You can continue to support activities at Stone Laboratory long after your island stay with a membership to the Friends of Stone Laboratory (FOSL). This non-profit support group donates time and money to assist with the planning and funding of the lab.

Since its creation in 1982, FOSL has aided in the creation of 22 endowments; bought equipment like microscopes, computers, row boats and sampling equipment to update the lab; supported scholarships for over 1200 students; and funded research assistants and visiting professors.

How do I become a Friend?

Make a donation, become a friend. All donations made to the Friends of Stone Laboratory (FOSL) are tax-deductible and directly support the students, research and programs at Stone Lab.

Membership Levels

Annual memberships will receive a one-year subscription to Twine Line, the award-winning Ohio Sea Grant magazine, which includes research news, Stone Lab updates and information on special events.

Student $ 10 One-year Twine Line subscription
Individual $ 50 One-year Twine Line subscription
Household $100 One-year Twine Line subscription
Honorary Deed $ 250 Entitles the donor to the privileges described above, as well as an honorary deed to one square meter of Gibraltar Island, the home of Stone Laboratory.
Dr. John Crites Print $ 500+ This donation to the John L. Crites Research Endowment entitles the donor to the privileges described above and to a choice of one limited-edition, numbered print drawn and donated by Dr. John Crites, a researcher, professor, and associate director at Stone Laboratory.

Give online or download and send a completed membership form (see sidebar) to:

Friends of Stone Lab 1314 Kinnear Road, Area 100
Columbus, OH 43212

Who we are

The Friends of Stone Laboratory was founded in 1982. FOSL started primarily as a group of alumni, faculty, and staff who wanted to support Stone Laboratory, science education and Lake Erie, and give future students the opportunity to benefit from the Stone Lab experience. FOSL offers members the chance to stay connected with Stone Laboratory and to provide for its future.

We wanted future students, teachers, and scientists to have the same wonderful opportunities and experiences that we had at the Lab. Since that time, FOSL has come to encompass a much wider group of people, including those who may simply have an interest in Lake Erie, science education, and the environment in general. No matter their reason for joining FOSL, members are dedicated and concerned about the future of Stone Laboratory and Lake Erie.