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Register for Stone Laboratory Summer 2004 Classes

12:00 am, Thu February 5, 2004 –

Columbus, OH Stone Laboratory, The Ohio State University’s Island Campus, is now accepting applications for the Summer 2004 program. Located on the 6.5-acre Gibraltar Island in Put-in-Bay harbor, this facility is the oldest freshwater biological field station and research laboratory in the United States.

Experience hands-on science among 24 college credit courses in Aquatic Entomology, Field Ecology, Ornithology for Teachers, Geologic Setting of Lake Erie, and many other classes. For returning students, six new courses have been added this year such as Great Lakes Maritime Studies, Digital and Field Techniques for Coastal Environment Studies, and Curriculum Development for Environmental Decision Making, to name a few. The application deadline is March 13, 2002; applications received after this date will be considered on a space-available basis.

To see a complete listing of all courses including class syllabi, visit our web site at:
For application materials call our office at 614.292.8949, or e-mail Bonita Cordi with your complete name, and mailing address, and your student status (college or high school). You can also download application materials from:

Stone Lab is a unique learning environment that enables students to gain a comprehensive background in freshwater systems and the environmental attributes of Lake Erie. The Laboratory provides exceptional educational, research, and outreach opportunities for the entire state and region.

For Contact Information

Bonita Cordi, Stone Laboratory Associate at 614.292.8949

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Jill Jentes Banicki
Authored By: Jill Jentes Banicki
Assistant Director, Communications, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

Jill Jentes Banicki is the Assistant Director and Communications Coordinator of Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory.