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Part-time Jobs at Stone Laboratory

12:00 pm, Fri October 27, 2006 –

Part-time positions that may be held by students taking one, 3-day per week, term course:

4 Laboratory Assistants
These individuals assist primarily with the daily operations of the laboratory. Duties include: distribution, inventory, and maintenance of classroom supplies; leading tours; organizing stockrooms; light landscaping; assisting visiting researchers; and miscellaneous errands. Outboard motor certification required but can be obtained on site, if necessary. Wage: $9.50/hr

4 Student Research Assistants
These individuals primarily assist visiting researchers with their projects, but will also assist with general laboratory operations, as needed. Research topics vary, but generally are aquatic related. SCUBA useful, but not required. Outboard motor certification required, but can be obtained on site, if necessary. Wage: $9.50/hr

2 Library/Bookstore Assistants
This is a shared position reporting to both the Biological/Pharmacy Library and the OSU branch of Barnes & Noble bookstore. Two students/employees, working alternate days, will operate: library and bookstore Sunday through Friday. Duties include: checking out/re-shelving reference materials, forwarding special request to Columbus, assisting students with library searches, operating a cash register, transferring money, and making accurate and timely bank deposits. Wage: $9.50/hr

Graduate Teaching Associates and/or Undergraduate Classroom Assistants
These individuals are assigned to a course to assist the instructor with any or all components of the course. Ohio State University graduate students who have previously taken the course or have experience in the subject matter normally hold these positions. Wage: Graduate TAs receive a monthly stipend and tuition for the summer; undergraduates are paid $9.50 an hour.

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