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Teachers Take Week-Long Stone Lab Course on US EPA Research Vessel

2:12 pm, Fri June 16, 2006 –

Teachers from around the Great Lakes Basin will set sail on Lake Erie this Sunday as participants of the first annual Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Great Lakes Shipboard and Shoreline Science workshop. Beginning on June 18 at Cleveland, Ohio, sixteen teachers representing grades 4 through 10 will board the U.S. EPA’s 180-foot research vessel, where they will travel to ports throughout Ohio’s Lake Erie coastline.

"This workshop will be a great opportunity for teachers and researchers to work together and learn from each other," says Dr. Rosanne Fortner, Ohio Sea Grant Educator and COSEE Director. "The week-long cruise on Lake Erie is designed to promote Great Lakes and ocean sciences in formal and informal education and to forge lasting relationships between science researchers and educators."

Also offered as an Ohio State University Stone Laboratory course, the workshop gives the teachers from four Great Lake states a chance to work with scientists to collect and analyze data about water quality and organisms in Lake Erie as they travel from the shallowest to the deepest parts of the lake. In addition to being surrounded by lake science, both scientists and educators will learn about navigation and shipping on the lakes, music and literature of the inland seas, curricula for teaching, and shoreline activities that affect lake conditions. Lake Erie learning will be at its best, using high technology and traditional methods, on shore and on board, and emphasizing the value of science in collaboration with teachers. In keeping with the COSEE mission, the group will continually compare the Great Lakes with the "salty seas."

Days will be spent on the water cruising between sampling stations, while evenings will be spent at anchor in Ohio and Pennsylvania ports along the U.S. shore, with chances to visit special habitats and informal learning sites. The cruise will begin and end at Cleveland, with stops in Put-in-Bay, Port of Toledo, Huron Harbor, and Erie.

COSEE Great Lakes, formed by a grant from the National Science Foundation and NOAA-National Sea Grant, is the tenth center in a nationwide network. The $2.5 million in grant funds will be divided among seven programs that make up the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network: Illinois-Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. COSEE Great Lakes is expected to create dynamic connections between Great Lakes and ocean research and education with the goal of enhancing scientific literacy and environmental stewardship.

The U. S. EPA’s R/V Lake Guardian is operated by the Great Lakes National Program Office.

For Contact Information about COSEE Great Lakes

Dr. Rosanne W. Fortner, Director, COSEE Great Lakes at 614.581.7684

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Jill Jentes Banicki
Assistant Director, Communications, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

Jill Jentes Banicki is the Assistant Director and Communications Coordinator of Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory.