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Stone Lab Bloggers Have the Write Stuff

12:00 pm, Wed July 22, 2009 –

Want to know what it’s like to take a class at Stone Lab? A group of dedicated student bloggers have been sharing their experiences on the web. 

This summer’s group runs the gamut, from Stephanie, who spent a single day on the island taking an Ichthyoplankton Identification Workshop, to Gary, who spent five weeks learning about Limnology and working part-time for Stone Lab to cover the cost of his room and board. There’s definitely a Stone Lab experience for everyone!

Check out these blogs and others on the Stone Lab blog.



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Stacy Brannan-Smith
Authored By: Stacy Brannan-Smith
Communications Specialist, Disability Rights Ohio

Stacy Brannan-Smith has worked in the communications field for more than a dozen years and was Associate Editor at Ohio Sea Grant from 2008 to 2010. She currently serves as Communications Specialist at Disability Rights Ohio, the federally designated protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities in Ohio, where she oversees the organization’s media relations, social media, website, branding and general communications efforts. She lives in Worthington with her husband, Adam, and her son, Henson.