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NEMWI Job Posting: Director of Great Lakes Washington Program

12:00 pm, Fri August 3, 2012 –

The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI) seeks a director for its Great Lakes Washington Program (GLWP). Funded by grants from the Joyce and Mott Foundations, the GLWP serves to inform and energize the bi-partisan and bi-cameral Congressional Great Lakes Task Forces to facilitate bipartisan action to address critical Great Lakes regional issues, especially ecological restoration, older cities revitalization, and sustainable economic growth and transportation.  GLWP activities include actively researching emerging federal policy issues and options; serving as a liaison among sectors and stakeholders, levels of government, and federal agencies and elected officials in Washington, DC; and providing information to Great Lakes Task Force member offices on legislative, policy, and budgetary matters relevant to the Great Lakes via reports, face-to-face meetings and balanced briefings. He/she also helps coordinate, on behalf of NEMWI, Great Lakes relevant activities in Washington, DC, across parties, sectors, and stakeholder groups.


The successful candidate will have:

” Clear, Concise Writing Skills: Candidate will write grant proposals and reports; white papers; briefing documents, website content, etc.

” Strong Analytical Skills: Candidate will conceive, design and produce reports relevant to current policy initiatives and how such initiatives could impact the Great Lakes;

” Strong Organizational Skills: Candidate must track numerous programs in complex appropriations legislation, plan and facilitate regular Hill briefings, compose monthly legislative updates; and maintain a blog, among other challenging organizational tasks;

” Leadership Skills:  The Candidate will help align Great Lakes regional objectives despite fractious party politics.  He/she will also nurture attention to and consensus on shared Great Lakes priorities within the bipartisan Great Lakes Task Forces and the wide range of stakeholder groups, federal agencies, and States within the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway system. 

” Strong Interpersonal Skills, and a High Degree of Professionalism: Candidate will interface with diverse stakeholder groups from industry to environmental sectors, elected officials, agency leadership and foreign nationals; he/she must be genuinely respectful of all points of view relevant to the Great Lakes, and have the interpersonal skills and professionalism to become a central and trusted player with contacts on and off the Hill, and within the NEMWI team, in the effort to address critical Great Lakes policy concerns.  

” Willingness to Travel: Accessibility to stakeholders at Great Lakes conferences and events is a critical service of the GLWP;

” Regional Connection: Direct familiarity with the Great Lakes region is a requirement of this position;

” Academic Training and Professional Experience in Related Fields: The candidate must demonstrate direct experience with and expertise relative to the region’s policy priorities, including protection and restoration of the Great Lakes ecosystem, waterborne transportation and older cities revitalization are required; and

” Hill  Experience: The candidate will have in place familiarity (i.e., at least two years direct experience) with Capitol Hill processes and staff.

NEMWI offers competitive salaries and benefits and is an equal opportunity employer. Please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample to Place only the words “GLWP Application”? in the subject line to assure our receipt of the application.  The deadline for applications is August 17, 2012.

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Christina Dierkes
Outreach Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

As Ohio Sea Grant’s science writer, Christina covers research, education and outreach projects in the Great Lakes for a wide range of audiences. She also helps manage online events like Stone Lab’s Guest Lecture Series.