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Giving Back: Drs. Tom and Beth Hall

12:00 pm, Sat November 1, 2014 – A few Stone Lab alumni went the extra mile to include the lab in their estate, contributing to Lake Erie research and education long after they are gone

Stone Lab students always maintain a special connection to their time on the island. Many will return as Friends of Stone Lab to help with annual events, or they support the lab through donations. And then there are a few alumni who go the extra mile and include Stone Lab in their estate, contributing to Lake Erie research and education long after they themselves are gone.

Drs. Thomas and Beth Hall

Tom Hall

Tom Hall continues to be actively involved with the Friends of Stone Lab, including participating in a river clean-up with other lab alumni.

In addition to supporting Stone Lab through frequent volunteer work, Tom and Beth have chosen to include the Ohio Sea Grant & Stone Lab Annual Fund in their estate. This gift provides the greatest possible flexibility and allows Stone Lab to use their support wherever it is needed the most.

Tom was a student at Stone Lab in 1972, and has found his time there to be life-altering. Four years of undergraduate work had not turned into the career path he had hoped for, but he did gain admission into the zoology graduate program at The Ohio State University. And when combined with that academic success, contacts made at Stone Lab were instrumental in his acceptance to the Ohio State College of Medicine the following summer.

“This led to a rewarding career first in emergency medicine and now as a medical director for Anthem Insurance,” Tom remembers. “More importantly, I met my wife Beth, a fellow medical school classmate, and we have had a wonderful marriage and family life for nearly 40 years. For me it was truly ‘But for Stone Lab…,’” Tom says.

Declaring their planned gift allowed Tom and Beth to show their support to others who may also be considering similar options. “Of course, we plan to provide further support during our lifetimes as well,” Tom adds. “We understand how important the education and research at Stone Lab are to ensuring that our grandchildren will live in a world with clean air, clean water, and the sweet sound of birds singing.”

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