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Donor Spotlight: Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Capitini

4:45 pm, Thu December 28, 2017 – Larry Capitini designated a gift in his will promoting research into the study and control of invasive species on land and water

Larry Capitini is making a gift in his will to fund the study and control of invasive species.

Larry Capitini’s career has spanned over 40 years and four different continents. No matter where his education or career took him, he always remained grateful for the experiences and opportunities he received from The Ohio State University. Larry graduated from Ohio State with a BS in Biological Sciences and Anthropology and an MS in Veterinary Medicine.

“I continually reached new heights in my career and was able to embrace a vast array of roles — from teaching to practice to research and so much more,” says Larry. “I did everything I could possibly want to do and achieve in my career, and Ohio State played a significant part in making that possible.”

While attending Ohio State, his advisor, Paul Colinvaux, helped him secure a research position with the World Health Organization in Perugia, Italy. He then moved to South Africa, did research at Rhodes University through a sponsorship from Bayer Pharmaceuticals and was awarded a degree from Rhodes for his work. After spending 12 years in South Africa doing research and in private practice, he was elected to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London and awarded a fellowship there. He later opened his own veterinary practice in London before moving back to Ohio to work for Ohio State.

Larry Capitini at Fairfield County Fair

Larry Capitini, second from right, with CFAES dean Dr. Cathann Arceneaux Kress, center, at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

Upon starting his career at Ohio State, Larry was impressed with the many advances in veterinary medicine that occurred since his student days, especially in areas of imaging and oncology and went to the College of Veterinary Medicine to catch-up. Before his retirement two years ago after 23 years of service, he was a faculty member in preventative medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Assistant Director of University Laboratory Animal Resources, winner of several teaching awards and served on several advisory boards throughout the university.

Larry strongly believes that teachers and universities open doors of endless opportunities for students. Today, Larry is showing his gratitude for the many opportunities he received with a gift to Ohio State in his will. Larry’s gift will benefit both Stone Laboratory and the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Garden by promoting research into the study and control of invasive species on land and water.

“I designated my gift to natural resources because it will open up doors for future students while also funding important research about the environment that will ultimately benefit everyone,” says Larry.

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Delfina Delisle
Authored By: Delfina Delisle
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, OSU Estate and Gift Planning