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New Ohio Sea Grant Twine Line Now Available

4:20 pm, Thu December 15, 2022 – Twine Line Fall/Winter 2022

Twine Line Fall/Winter 2022

Twine Line 2022 Fall/Winter – Volume 44, Issue 1

The newest issue of Ohio Sea Grant’s Twine Line is now available online.

In This Issue

Plastic Bags – to Fee or Not to Fee?
Plastic in the waterways poses serious threats to human safety, and plastic bags are a major contributor to the problem.

There’s Something in the Water
Ohio Sea Grant researchers are exploring ways to keep pharmaceuticals and personal care products out of drinking water drawn from Lake Erie.

Focused on Fish Farming
Ohio Sea Grant researchers at Bowling Green State University are helping fish farmers keep their animals healthy.

Ohio Sea Grant 2022-2024 Funded Projects
Ohio Sea Grant has funded seven new research projects as part of the 2022-2024 research grants program.

Research Highlights

Going Virtual
Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab now offer virtual field trips for students and teachers in grades 4-12.

Putting a Plan Into Action
Led by Ohio Sea Grant and the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, representatives from Ohio Sea Grant and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant met with county, city, and state agency officials in Ottawa County to conduct the Tipping Point Land Use Planner Program in April 2022.

Maritime Marvels
Great Lakes lighthouses have always sparked our curiosity. Known as beacons of light that provide safe passage for ships, they also attract visitors with their individual stories and maritime history.


Coming Full Circle
AVC coordinator Andy Oppliger has a long history of learning science at Stone Lab.

On The Island

A Stone’s Throw From The World
Dr. Michael Monaghan’s work has taken him all over the world, from Idaho and Switzerland to Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.

ARTICLE TITLE: New Ohio Sea Grant Twine Line Now Available PUBLISHED: 4:20 pm, Thu December 15, 2022
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Christina Dierkes
Outreach Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program

As Ohio Sea Grant’s science writer, Christina covers research, education and outreach projects in the Great Lakes for a wide range of audiences. She also produces online events like the Freshwater Science webinar series and other outreach events, and manages social media for Ohio Sea Grant.