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Freshwater Science: Lake Erie Charter Captains Business Survey

April 26, 2023 – Applied research from Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Lab and the Harmful Algal Bloom Research Initiative

Ohio’s Lake Erie coast offers great access for recreational anglers, including a robust and economically important charter fishing industry. However, environmental conditions, economic climate and individual angler behaviors may all change over time. These changes could also impact the charter fishing industry.

In early 2021, Ohio Sea Grant Extension Program Leader Tory Gabriel led a survey of licensed fishing guides gauge the attitudes, characteristics and economic impacts of the industry for the 2020 season and document any changes from previous surveys. This information can be useful to captains, resource managers, local communities and decision makers assessing the health and needs of the industry.

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About the Speaker

Tory Gabriel
Tory Gabriel Extension Program Manager and Fisheries Educator, Ohio Sea Grant

Tory Gabriel is the Extension Program Leader for Ohio Sea Grant and also serves as Fisheries Educator. His responsibilities include managing and providing programmatic direction to the Extension side of OHSG, while also focusing on research, education, and outreach on Lake Erie’s sustainable fisheries. Tory interacts with a variety of Lake Erie stakeholders, and often works with groups associated with sport fishing such as charter captains and fishing associations. Youth education is also prominent in his programming to help build the next generation of Lake Erie stewards. Tory holds a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and a master’s degree in life science education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He began his career as an Ohio Sea Grant Extension Educator in 2008, and is currently based in the Ottawa County Extension Office in Oak Harbor.

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