Stone Laboratory's 2018 Field Trip Scholarship Application

Stone Laboratory's 2018 Field Trip Scholarship Application

Please complete this application to be considered for the 2018 Stone Laboratory’s Field Trip Scholarship. This scholarship will award funding to student groups (grades 5 to 12) to cover the cost of a one-day hands-on scientific experience in the fall of 2018 for 30 people (up to 24 students and 6 chaperones). Each group will spend time aboard a Lake Erie research vessel doing the hands-on work of a scientist, collecting environmental and biological data. The scholarship will include costs associated with this field experience, including transportation to the ferry, ferry and island transportation, substitute teacher coverage, and lunch on the island.

Scholarships are made available through generous funding from The Andrews Foundation and the First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation. For both scholarships, preference will be given to applicants with the greatest financial need.

The Andrews Foundation Field Trip Scholarships will give preference to schools located in Northeast Ohio, but can also be given to schools outside of this location based on need, application materials, and location of other applicants.

The First Solar Field Trip Scholarships will only be awarded to schools in the Toledo, Ohio area (Lucas and Wood counties) based on financial need. Schools within the Toledo Public School District are highly encouraged to apply.

Questions can be directed to Emily Burbacher at or (614) 292-2557.

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