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Exploring Snowfall in the United States Webinar

Climate Webinar October 2014

Published: Oct 9, 2014
Last Modified: May 26, 2015
Duration: 53 mins
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 Christina  Dierkes

Christina Dierkes

Outreach Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant College Program


Climate Webinar October 2014


The number of snowfall events in a given area has a large impact on road maintenance and water resources management. Snowfall data collected in the United States between 1930 and 2007 at seven locations shows how snowfall frequency has changed over time, and relates the information to a changing global climate. This webinar will:
- explore snowfall trends in the United States and the Great Lakes region
- introduce three regions that show significant change in snowfall frequency, including an increasing trend in the upper Midwest
- provide a sneak peek at a new web interface for exploring snowfall data, available through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center