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Solar Technology Curriculum Products

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Solar Technology Curriculum: References


Instructions on how to use a multimeter and term definitions for the solar technology curriculum.

LENGTH: 3 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Using Real-Time Data to Relate Solar Energy Production to the Sun’s Location


Lesson and activity plan for teaching about solar energy efficiency using the Sun’s position in the sky.

LENGTH: 11 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Building a Solar Photovoltaic Array by Exploring Series and Parallel Circuits


Lesson and activity descriptions for using circuits to teach about solar technology.

LENGTH: 17 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Using Models to Investigate Solar Thermal Technology


Activity and lesson descriptions for ways to used models to learn about solar thermal technology.

LENGTH: 15 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Understanding the Mechanics of Solar Technology


Outline and materials for classroom activity to teach the mechanics of energy transfer.

LENGTH: 2 pages
Education / Curriculum Publication

Solar Technology Curriculum: Introduction


Curriculum description for Ohio Sea Grant’s solar technology lesson unit for teachers.

LENGTH: 1 page
Education / Curriculum Publication
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