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Why We Don’t Believe Science: A Perspective From Decision Psychology


In a perfect world, people are objective when they perceive risks and make decisions in climate and other domains. But psychological research suggests that this is not always how the human mind works.

DURATION: ~ 1 hr, 3 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

OSU F.T. Stone Laboratory's Climate Expedition

LENGTH: 1 page
Education / Curriculum Publication

Climate Change and Harmful Algal Blooms in Maumee Bay Webinar


This webinar covers the potential for future algal blooms in Lake Erie’s western basin.


Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are a global problem and have reemerged as a concern in Lake Erie during the last decade. While some have hypothesized HABs in Lake Erie will become more frequent and larger, there are few studies linking predicted climate and watershed models to examine this issue. This talk will describe the methods and results of an ongoing project that links climate models, watershed models and HABs models to predict the frequency and magnitude of HABs through 2099.
This webinar will describe:

Predicted climate for the Maumee Basin through 2099
How climate change is likely to affect river discharge and harmful algal blooms in western Lake Erie
Modeling tools that can help people understand and manage the impacts of extreme weather events and climate change

DURATION: ~ 1 hr, 4 mins
Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar

Climate Change and Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie Webinar


This 2013 climate webinar provides information about historical climate and potential future impacts of climate change in the Lake Erie basin.


Harmful algal blooms continue to be a problem for the Lake Erie ecosystem and lakeshore communities, and predicted climate change impacts like increased heavy precipitation and higher temperatures have the potential to worsen these problems in the future. Focusing on Lake Erie, this webinar will provide information about historical climate and potential future impacts of climate change in the Lake Erie basin; how climate change could impact Lake Erie nutrient levels that drive harmful algal blooms; the potential effects of reduced lake ice and higher temperatures on algal blooms’ length and size. Speakers: Dr. Rick Stumpf of NOAA and Molly Woloszyn of Midwestern Regional Climate Center

Broadcast, Podcast, Webinar
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