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New 4-H booklet all about fishing, authored in Ohio


John Hageman takes his pen to Ohio Outdoor News to tell the state about the new 4-H fishing booklet published by Ohio State University.

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The ability of household pitcher-style water purifiers to remove microcystins depends on filtration rate and activated carbon source


Toxic cyanobacterial blooms are a global threat to human health due to contamination of drinking
water. To ensure public safety, water treatment plants must have the capability to remove
cyanotoxins from water. Recently, however, there have been several instances when microcystins, a
common group of cyanotoxins, have been detected in tap water. This research investigated if
commercially available pitcher-style water purifiers were able to remove microcystins from water.
Microcystins were extracted from two naturally occurring blooms in Lake Erie, diluted to initial
concentrations ranging from 1 to 5 μg/L, and then subjected to three purifier types. Results showed
that the purifier with the fastest percolation rate (126 seconds/L) and a filter cartridge comprised
solely of coconut-based activated carbon removed 50% or less of the microcystins, while the purifier
with the slowest percolation rate (374 seconds/L) and a blend of activated carbon decreased
microcystins to below detectable levels (<0.10 μg/L) in all experiments. Thus, pitcher-style purifiers
with slow percolation rates and composed of a blend of active carbon can provide an additional layer
of protection against microcystins; however, it is recommended that consumers switch water
sources when cyanotoxins are confirmed to be in tap water.

DOI: 10.2166/ws.2018.081 LENGTH: 10 pages

2018 Charter Captains Conference Brochure


2018 Charter Captains Conference Brochure

LENGTH: 1 page

2017 Charter Captains Conference Brochure


Registration and agenda for the 2017 Charter Captains Conference.

LENGTH: 1 page

2016 Charter Captains Conference Brochure


The 35th Annual Ohio Charter Captains Conference. Registration information and Agenda.

LENGTH: 1 page

Lake Erie Fish Booth Panel

LENGTH: 1 page

Six Issues Booth Panels 2016

LENGTH: 5 pages
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