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Guide Series

Publications for the general public that focus on Lake Erie natural features and attractions

Guide Series include publications for the general public that focus on Lake Erie natural features and attractions.


Ohio Field Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species


An invasion is happening in Ohio, and it’s in the water we drink! Learn how you can do your part to protect the waters of Ohio with this 160-page field guide featuring some of the invaders most dangerous to Ohio Waters, with descriptions for each and strategies to avoid spreading them.

LENGTH: 163 pages
Guide Series

Lake Erie Shipwrecks and Maritime Tales


Curious to know what sunken treasures lie in Lake Erie? this brochure provides location and information on some of the dozens of shipwrecks off of Ohio’s northern coast. Especially helpful for divers looking for an exciting trip!

LENGTH: 1 page
Guide Series

Lake Erie Islands Water Trails Brochure


This guide provides information and tips on how to best enjoy the water trails around the Lake Erie islands. This file is formatted to be printed as a brochure. For a paper copy, contact Joy Snow (

LENGTH: 1 page
Guide Series

Great Lakes Climate Needs: A Guide for Implementation


Guide to climate education needs based on the 2011 Great Lakes Sea Grant Climate Network Logic Models


The Great Lakes Sea Grant Climate Network Logic Models were developed in 2011 to help guide the work of Sea Grant climate specialists, both within their states and within the region. The logic models help to coordinate climate work between different Sea Grant agencies by listing current regional projects, and set consistent priorities for efforts across the Great Lakes states.

A 2012 needs assessment (NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-158) further refined Great Lakes climate change information needs, and focused specifically on the top 10 needs of professional planners, stormwater managers, natural resource managers, public health officials, and emergency managers. Given the projected impacts of climate change in the region – increased extreme precipitation, associated increases in flooding, but also drought and increased heat waves – these officials are one important stakeholder group in the climate adaptation process.

While many areas of need are already addressed by projects included in the logic models, four areas could especially benefit from additional work: financial resources and guidance, climate change data, understanding climate impacts, and ecosystem research and monitoring. If you are interested in learning more about ongoing or future projects, or if you would like to suggest a collaboration, please contact the Sea Grant program listed after the project of interest, or your home state’s Sea Grant program.

LENGTH: 7 pages
Guide Series

Ohio Lake Erie Birding Trail Guidebook Order Form


A compilation of 88 popular and less well-known birding spots all along Ohio’s Lake Erie coast, from Ashtabula to Toledo.

LENGTH: 232 pages
Guide Series

Lake Erie Shipwrecks and Maritime Adventures

LENGTH: 18 pages
Guide Series

Explore the Lake Erie Islands: A guide to nature and history along the Lake Erie Coastal Trail

LENGTH: 64 pages
Guide Series

Lake Erie shipwrecks and maritime adventures

LENGTH: 24 pages
Guide Series

Lake Erie beach guide

LENGTH: 12 pages
Guide Series

Lake Erie lighthouses and maritime adventures

LENGTH: 20 pages
Guide Series

2006 Western Lake Erie guide to public waterfront access, charter fishing, marinas, boating excursions, festivals and events

LENGTH: 2 pages
Guide Series

Getting Ready to Visit the Dike 14 Nature Preserve: Field Guide

LENGTH: 76 pages
Guide Series

Guides to Lake Erie’s historic shipwrecks: The Adventure , W. R. Hanna and F. H. Prince

LENGTH: 6 pages
Guide Series

South Bass Island (Put-In-Bay, Ohio) Guide: Historical places, natural features and island ecology

LENGTH: 46 pages
Guide Series

Kelley's Island glacial grooves

LENGTH: 4 pages
Guide Series

Guide to fishing in central Lake Erie

LENGTH: 1 page
Guide Series

Fossil fauna of the islands region of western

LENGTH: 79 pages
Guide Series

Island Heritage: A guided tour to Lake Erie's Bass Islands

LENGTH: 98 pages
Guide Series

Guide to Lake Erie bluff stabilization

LENGTH: 22 pages
Guide Series

Guide to fishing reefs in western Lake Erie

LENGTH: 1 page
Guide Series

Lake Erie cookbook

LENGTH: 130 pages
Guide Series

A guide to utilizing the freshwater drum

LENGTH: 23 pages
Guide Series
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