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Twine Line: Summer/Fall 2009

OHSU-TL-115: Twine Line: Summer/Fall 2009

Published: May 31, 2009
Last Modified: Jul 30, 2015
Volume: 31 Issue: 3
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  1. These Islands are for the Birders (and History Lovers, Too!)
  2. Cause and Effect: Sediment plume creates perfect incubator for Microcystis bloom
  3. Paving the Way: Ohio Sea Grant's first Extension Agent reflects on 30-year career
  4. Climate Change and Ohio's Economy: Implications of Cap and Trade for Ohioans
  5. Priming the Dead Zone: Winter alga may be linked to summertime event
  6. Old Problem, New Questions: Nitrogen cycling possible Dead Zone contributor
  7. Friends of Stone Laboratory
  8. Amy Miller: Work, Learn, Lead, Teach
  9. Aquatic Visitors Center Reels 'Em In
  10. Ohio Tourism Team Opens the Toolbox

Jill Jentes Banicki - Author, Mr. Michael Robert Heniken - Author, Stacy Brannan-Smith - Author